Addison Riecke

Popularly known as Nora Thunderman from the TV series ‘The Thundermans’, Addison Riecke is an American actress and singer who discovered her love for acting and singing at an early age of four. She appeared in the web series titled ‘A Girl Named Jo’. 

Addison Riecke’s Overview

  • Birth Name: Addison Elizabeth Riecke
  • Age: 18
  • Date of Birth: January 26, 2004
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, US
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Actor, Singer
  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Father: Jared Riecke
  • Mother: Jeanine Riecke
  • Siblings: NA
  • Spouse: NA
  • Children: NA

Personality Overview

  • Height: 5 ft 4 in or 1.63 m
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Hair Color: Blonde 
  • Eye Color: Hazel

Her Favorites

  • Actor: Johnny Depp, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel
  • Actress: Bailee Madison
  • Movie: Despicable Me
  • Color: Red, Green and Blue
  • Brands: Gucci, Nike, Vans
  • Mobile Brand: Apple
  • Cars: BMW 7 Series, Audi
  • Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Playing Piano and Guitar, Tennis, Swimming
  • Pet: Cats (she also has a cat named Hannah)

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Addison Riecke Age

Addison Riecke will be 18 years old in 2022. Her parents, Jeanine and Jared Riecke, welcomed her into the world on January 26, 2004, in Covington, Louisiana, in the United States. She was born under the sign of Aquarius.

Early Life, Education and Family (Parents and Siblings)

  • Addison Riecke was born and raised in Covington by her parents. Her father Jared Riecke is a businessman while her mother Jeanine Riecke runs a non-profit charity organization. 
  • Her family tends to live a low key life and so nothing can be stated whether she had a sibling or not, however, it is believed that she is the single child of her parents. 
  • She developed a love for acting and singing at a young age of four and wanted to pursue it as a career. 
  • She attended the workshops of acting at Kehoe-France Camp and Academy of Performing Arts of John Robert Powers in New Orleans. 
  • She enrolled at a Local High School of Covington to complete her schooling. 
  • After graduating from school, she enrolled at a private university in the town. 
  • She enjoys playing musical instruments and is also an archery player.

Personal Life

Dating Life

  • Addison is secretive about her love life, however, it seems that she is currently career centric. 

Contributing to Charity with her mother

  • Her mother’s charity works inspired Addison to contribute towards charity. 
  • She takes time from her busy schedule to take part in the charitable works. 
  • In 2013, she raised more than $4000 for the Red Cross to help the Oklahoma tornado victims. 


  • Addison made her acting debut in TV commercials at the age of eight. 
  • In 2013, she portrayed a role in the episodes of ‘How to have a playdate’. She was featured alongside Sarah Chalke. Jon Dore and Elizabeth Perkins. 
  • In 2014, she was featured as Nora Thunderman in the comedy TV series ‘The Thundermans’, the role got her immense popularity. 
  • In 2015, Addison Riecke made her debut in the movie with comedy film ‘Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday Special’. 
  • In 2017, she was featured alongside Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning in the thriller war-based movie ‘The Beguiled’. 
  • In 2018, she played a supporting role in the comedy movie ‘Banana Split’. The movie won three awards out of seven nominations. 
  • Later, Addison portrayed Cathy Fitzroy in the historical series ‘A Girl Named Jo’. 
  • She also competed in the shows Webheads’ and ‘Paradise Run. 
  • Addison was featured in the documentary videos ‘The Beguiled: A Southern Style’ and ‘The Beguiled: A Shift in Perspective’. 
  • She made a guest appearance in the talk-shows ‘Quiet on the Set’, ‘Piper’s Picks TV’ and ‘Q N A with Mikki and Shay’. 

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Addison Riecke Movies and TV Shows

How to Live with Your Parents, in which she was cast, gave her her first performance in 2013. (for the Rest of Your Life). She only participated in one episode, therefore her part in the show was rather small. In the How to Have a Playdate episode, she portrays Tough Girl.

Here is a list of the films and television series in which she has appeared:

  • Tough Girl #1 (2013): How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)
  • Nora Thunderman appears in The Haunted Hathaways (2014).
  • Marie in The Beguiled (2017)
  • The Thundermans: Nora Thunderman (2013–2018)
  • (2018) Banana Split – Agnes
  • 2019’s Strong, Independent Women, Sophie
  • A Girl Named Jo (2018 – 2019) – Cathy Fitzroy

Some more movies and TV shows 

Year Title
2013 How to Have a Playdate
2014 The Haunted Hathaways
2015 Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday Special
2017 The Beguiled
2013-2018 The Thundermans
2018 Banana Split
2019 Strong Independent Women
2018-2019 A Girl Named Jo
2021 Maddie

Addison Riecke and Charity Work

Her mother, who worked to start the nonprofit organization Holidays for Kids, may have had an influence on her love for charitable work. She frequently hears that she is more perceptive than someone half her age, a quality she passes on to Nora, her on-screen persona. Her actions undoubtedly show that she is correct. Her willingness to donate sets her apart from other VIPs taking part in charitable activities. Being a child herself, she not only offered birthday gifts to children at the L.A. Children’s Hospital in 2014; she also requested pet supplies as opposed to gifts for her next birthday so she could donate the items to the St. Tammany Humane Society.

Awards and Nominations

  • In 2017, Addison Riecke won the International Online Cinema Halfway Award in the Best Ensemble Cast for her performance in ‘The Beguiled’.
  • In 2018, she was nominated in Faro Island Film Festival Golden Carp Film Award International in Best Ensemble Performance for the movie ‘The Beguiled’. 

Net Worth

Addison earns a great amount from her works, endorsements, and social media. Her net worth stands at approximately around $10 Million. The accomplishments of young actress Addison Riecke go well beyond her success on screen and in front of the camera. She mostly makes money through her numerous performing roles, social media platforms, and other commercial endeavors.

Social Media 

Addison Riecke enjoys fame on social media platforms. Her handles include:

Twitter: @AddisonRiecke

Instagram: @addisonriecke

TikTok: @addisonelizabethriecke

Some Amazing Facts About Addison Riecke 

  • Cats are Addison Riecke’s favorite animals. She hosted “world cat-con” and has stated that if she weren’t an actress, she would be a cat owner.
  • Addison On the Nickelodeon superhuman-themed comedy series “The Thundermans,” Elizabeth Riecke is an American actress best known for playing Nora Thunderman.
  • She likes to donate and did much charity. She requested that instead of birthday gifts for her 11th birthday, people bring supplies and toys for pets. She then gave those pet goods to a nearby animal shelter for adoption.
  • Rosa Blasi, a well-known actress, worked with Addison in her first series. 

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Addison Riecke- FAQs

How old is Addison Riecke?

As of 2022, Addison is 18. 

How tall is Addison Riecke?

She is 5 ft and 4in tall.

When was Addison born?

She was born on 26 January 2004.

Is Addison Riecke a singer?

Yes, she is an actor as well as a singer. 

Who played Nora Thunderman?

Addison Riecke

When did Addison Riecke start acting?

By the age of 8, she had starred in national advertisements for Playstation and Lunchables as well as the ABC television series How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life). She is also well-known for her role in the online television series A Girl Named Jo.

What movies are Addison Riecke in?

The Thundermans Nora Thunderman, A girl named Jo Cathay Fitzroy, a strong independent women Sophie and Banana Split Agnes are some of the movies in which she played a role. 

Is Addison Riecke a singer?

On January 26, 2004, Addison Riecke was born in Covington, Louisiana (a New Orleans suburb). At the age of four, she fell in love with singing, acting, and playing musical instruments.