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The most prolific serial killer in history, Charles Cullen, or as known as “The Angel of Death,” was initially a nurse. He was Criminal and convicted of murdering 29 patients. Although it is thought that he had murdered around 400 patients, however, during the investigation, he was not found guilty due to lack of evidence. 

Charles Cullen’s Overview

Charles Cullen Wiki
Birth Name Charles Edmund Cullen
Age 62
Date of Birth February 22, 1960
Place of Birth New Jersey, US
Nationality American
Occupation Nurse (Serial Killer)
of Victims 29 confirmed and several hundred suspected
Date of arrest December 14, 2003
Sentence 127 years in prison
Father Meme Cullen
Mother Florence Cullen
Siblings 7 siblings
Spouse Adrianne Baum
Children Two daughters

Early Life and Adulthood

  • Born in an Irish Catholic family, Charles Cullen was the youngest child of his parents, Edmond and Florence Cullen.
  • Cullen’s father died when he was seven months old.
  • He described that he had a miserable childhood, and he was bullied by his classmates and sisters’ boyfriends.
  • At nine, he tried to attempt suicide by drinking chemicals from a chemistry set.
  • When Charles was in his senior year of high school, his mother died in a car accident, and he termed her death devastating for him.
  • In the following year, he dropped out of high school and enrolled in the US Navy, where he completed the basic training and physical examinations of the submarine crew.
  • He got the petty officer rank of the team that operates Poseidon missiles on the ship, however, he did not fit in and was bullied by fellow crewmen.
  • A year later, he was assigned a low-pressure job on the supply ship after being seen at missile controls in surgical masks, gloves and scrubs rather than a uniform by his leading petty officer.
  • He tried to attempt suicide and was thus admitted to the psychiatric ward of the Navy several times in the next few years.
  • In 1984, he got a medical discharge from the Navy for unknown reasons.

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Charles Cullen as Nurse

  • Soon after getting discharged, he enrolled in nursing at Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing in New Jersey.
  • He completed his nursing in 1986 and started working in the burn unit at St. Barnabas Medical Center of Livingston.
Charles Cullen is most prolific serial killer in history
Charles Cullen is most prolific serial killer in history

Cullen’s Family (Wife and Children)

  • While working at the hospital, he got married to Adrianne Baum.
  • Two years later, his wife gave birth to their daughters.
  • His wife noticed his unusual behavior and abuse of the dogs in the family and got disturbed.
  • Soon the couple got divorced in 1993.

Charles Cullen’s Serial Killings as a Nurse

  • In his confession, Cullen said that he attempted his first murder at St. Barnabas after giving a lethal overdose to a patient.
  • He killed 11 patients at the hospital, including an AIDS patient, by giving him an overdose of insulin.
  • He resigned from his job at the hospital after the authorities began investigating the person who had tempered the intravenous fluid bags.
  • Charles Cullen, soon in February 1992, started working at the Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg.
  • There he killed three elderly women by giving them an overdose of digoxin.
  • His last victim at the hospital said that a male nurse injected her when she was asleep, however, her family members and health workers denied the fact.
  • In March 1993, Cullen’s co-worker complained about him for trespassing and so he was on probation for a year and was treated for depression in psychiatric facilities.
  • In December 1993, He left the Warren Hospital and started working at Hunter Medical Center in New Jersey. He continued working there in the ICU for three years.
  • In the first two years, he claimed that he did not murder anyone, also, the hospital records of that time were destroyed, thus preventing investigation of the claims made by him.
  • Charles Cullen admitted that he had murdered five patients in the first nine months of 1996 by giving an overdose of dioxin.
  • He got a nursing license in 1994 in Pennsylvania.
  • Later, he got work at Morris Hospital in the city but got fired in August 1997 for his performance, after which he was unemployed for about six months.
  • He sought treatment for depression at Warren Hospital in October 1997, however, his mental health did not improve, and he left the hospital soon afterward.
  • In Feb 1998, Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Center hired him for the ward where patients were given ventilators to breathe.
  • In May 1998, he was debt-ridden and bankrupt and was fired from the hospital in October after he was caught entering a patient’s ward with a syringe, and the patient was found with a broken arm.
  • At the hospital, he was accused of drugging patients at an inappropriate time.
  • Charles worked at Elston Hospital between November 1998 and March 1999.
  • He murdered another patient on December 30, 1998. The patient’s blood test showed large amounts of dioxin, however, the investigation resulted in nothing, and he cannot be proven guilty.
  • Due to the nationwide shortage of nurses, he continued to get work, also, there was no system to identify nurses with employment problems.
  • Again in March 1999, he started working at the burn unit of Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania. During that time period, he murdered a patient and tried to murder another one.
  • He took a voluntary resignation from there and started working at the cardiac care unit of St. Luke’s Hospital.
  • He worked there for three years and murdered five patients, and attempted to murder two more, but no one suspected him until one of his co-workers found vials of unused medicines in the dustbin.
  • Since such drugs are of no value outside the hospital so their theft seemed curious, and an investigation was started into the matter. Cullen was found accused and thus was fired and escorted from the hospital in June 2002.
  • Seven co-workers of Cullen at St Luke’s hospital alerted authorities about their suspicion of Cullen in killing patients. Still, the investigators never investigated his past, and the case was closed after nine months due to a lack of evidence.
  • In September 2002, Cullen started working at CCU of Somerset Medical Center of New Jersey, he again murdered eight patients using digoxin and insulin.
  • Cullen was caught accessing the patients’ records on the computers and was also seen entering their rooms. A computerized drug system showed that he took medicines out of the patient’s prescription.
  • In July 2003, Somerset center received a warning of overdoses from the NJ Poison Information and Education System, indicating that an employee was killing the patients by overdosing on drugs.
  • However, the center did not look into the matter and did not contact the authorities till October. In the meantime, Charles Cullen killed five more patients and tried to have sex with them.
  • The hospital was panelized by state officials for not reporting the lethal overdose. The center reported to authorities when Cullen’s last victim died from low blood sugar levels.
  • An investigation was started on his employment history, which revealed his suspicious involvement in deaths.
  • Somerset Center fired him in October 2003 and he was also under surveillance till the completion of the investigation.
Charles Cullen is most prolific serial killer in history
Charles Cullen is most prolific serial killer in history

Arrest and Sentencing

  • On December 12, 2003, Cullen was arrested from a restaurant on account of a murder.
  • On December 14, 2003, he confirmed to homicide detectives that he had murdered Florian Gall at Somerset and attempted to murder Jin Kyung Han.
  • In addition, he confirmed that over a career of about 16 years, he had murdered more than 40 patients.
  • In April 2004, in court, he was found guilty of killing 13 patients at Somerset by lethal injections.
  • From May 2004 to November 2004, he was found guilty of murdering nine more patients.
  • Charles Cullen was given eleven consecutive life sentences with no parole until 2043.
  • In another hearing before Judge William H. Platt, he was given six additional life sentences after repeating, “Your Honor, you need to step down” before the judge.

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Charles Cullen Movie

  • 2018 movie “Killer Nurse” was based on Charles Cullen’s life.
  • The upcoming film “The Good Nurse” is based on the book “The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness and Murder,” which is also based on Cullen.
  • In June 2020, the “Charles Cullen: Killing of Kindness” documentary was aired on UK’s channel Sky Crime, it revolves around a nurse who admitted to murdering 40 patients.

Charles Cullen Net Worth

Net Worth
Net Worth $1.5 Million

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Charles Cullen- FAQs

What mental disorder did Charles Cullen have?

Charles Cullen suffered from acute depression following his incarceration in March 1993 for killing. He made many suicide attempts and received depression treatment in two psychiatric facilities.

How was Cullen caught?

He was caught after his last victim died of low blood sugar and was finally apprehended at Somerset Medical Center after giving lethal amounts of medication to at least 13 patients and the hospital reported the matter to the authorities.

Why is Charles Cullen a good nurse?

Cullen was a nurse-turned-serial killer. also, there is a book named “The Good Nurse” that was based on his life. this book describes Medicine, Madness, and Murder. this book was written by Charles Graeber in 2013 and based on Cullen’s life.

What was Charles Cullen’s childhood like?

Charles Edmund was born in new jersey with his family but unfortunately, his dad died at the age of 7 months. as a youngster his childhood was miserable and the reason for that is most students were bullied throughout their schooling time.

Did Charles Cullen have kids?

Charles married Adrienne Taub in June 1987. they have a two daughter and Their daughter Shauna, the first of two girls. her mother Adrienne wouldn’t allow her to go outside and make them hide from the reporters and media after her ex-husband’s crimes.

Where is Charles Cullen now?

Culled was a killer he killed 13 people as well as attempted to kill two others. after his arrested, he got life imprisonment in jail for the rest of their life in new jersey. he tried to suicide many times.

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