Charles Manson Death, Height, Age, Net Worth, Children, Wife

Charles Manson has always tried to conceal his identity from the world. his age is 83 and his height is 5 ft 7 inches, He has even changed his name to Jay so that no one could disclose his original identity. He tried everything possible to distance himself from the criminal and murderous history of his father, including committing suicide! In 1997, Jim Van Bebber directed a movie on the Manson family, documenting their murders and other horrific activities.


Birth Name Charles Milles Manson
Age 83 Years
Date of Birth November 12, 1934
Place of Birth Cincinnati, OH
Date of Death November 19, 2017 (aged 83)
Cause of Death Colon Cancer
Place of Death California
Nationality American
Occupation Criminal, Singer-songwriter
Net Worth $400 Thousand
Father William Manson
Mother Kathleen Maddox
Spouse Candy Stevens, Rosalie Jean Willis, Leona Stevens (1959-1963), Rosalie Willis (1955-1958)
Charles Manson Children Charles Luther Manson, Charles Manson, Charles Milles Manson, Jr., Valentine Michael, Valentine Michael Manson

Who was Charles Manson?

  • Famously known for his crimes and thrilling life, He was one of America’s most well-known criminal and cult leaders.
  • He was believed to be the founder of the cult ‘The Manson Family“. As per the sources, he never murdered anyone but was responsible for many murders.
  • His followers and gang members killed people on his behalf.
  • He was held responsible for the murder of a pregnant actress and many Hollywood residents. A book named ‘Helter Skelter‘ was released in 1974, covering the crimes of Charles Manson.

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Early life and Family

Charles Manson and Sharon Tate are in the Picture
Charles Manson and Sharon Tate are in the Picture

Manson was born on November 12, 1934, to his father, Colonel Walker Henderson Scott Sr(Colonel Scott), and mother, Kathleen Maddox, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

His mother, Kathleen, was an alcoholic woman. She had a nasty habit of drinking, and she was well-known in her area for always being high. His mother could not take care of Little Mansion Jr, and his family background was dark. 

Manson spent his earliest years in great neglect. When he was an infant, his mother often left him to go on benders with her brother.

He said in an interview that once his mother left him in a restaurant for a beer, and after a few days, he was brought home by one of his relatives. Little Manson had few to no memories of his biological father. Lack of good parenting promoted little Manson to involve in unfair activities.

Charles Manson Jr

Charles Mason Jr never got an opportunity to spend time with his father. However, the DNA he carried within him was enough to create baggage on his shoulder. To distance himself from the evil history of his father and family, he changed his name to Jay White. He had two other siblings from his mother’s second marriage.

The tragedy had befallen the family when one of his step-siblings died due to an accidental blast of the shotgun at the age of 11! The other sibling died due to a drug overdose. As per his son Jason Freeman, he tried everything possible to disassociate himself from the label of the Manson Family.

He committed suicide on June 29, 1993, as he drove his car outside Burlington, Colorado. His car was later discovered at Exit 438 from Interstate 70.

Police take charles to the court.
Police take Charles to the court.

Teenage, an emergence of a Villain

His parents could not take good care of him. For this reason, he was sent to many relatives. Manson spent his early teens with various relatives. But his experiences with relatives were not capable enough to raise him as an ethical person. Manson started to steal money and other things from the age of 9.

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At 12, he was sent to Gibault Reform School. Many times he escaped Reform school and was sent back. At 17, he stole a car, was caught, and put into a federal jail for the first time. 

Charles Manson arrested by the Cops.
Charles Manson arrested by the Cops.

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Charles Manson Age and Height

Manson was a thin, fair-colored man, about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, with long hair and a full-grown beard and mustache. His weight was around 60 kg. He looked like any other innocent person, but he was a man with a crime on his nerves. 

Height 5 ft 7 inch
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown

Charles Menson Net Worth

At the time of his death, his estimated net worth of Charles Manson Net Worth is $400,000. From 1971, Manson was not legally permitted to gain profit from his crimes or his image.

However, as per his estranged son Manson Jr. that does not mean Manson stopped making money while he was in prison for more than 45 years. Sources say that Manson had hidden wealth.

Charles Manson had a fortune of several hundred thousand dollars stashed away somewhere. Claims were made three years before Manson’s death that he earned a lot by selling paintings, TV, photos, organizing interviews, and more through different websites he operated. Although Manson could not directly access or benefit from the money.

Years 2017
Net Worth  $400 Thousand
Charles Manson was in dark Look with dark beard and long hair
Charles Manson was in dark Look with a dark beard and long hair

Murders and Victims of Charles Manson

Charles Manson was a leader of his crime company with great influence on his members. There is no such official record of himself killing any person. But his members, on order from their master, murdered many people, including celebrities. 

Murder Victims of Mansion

  • Gary Hinman – Friend of the Manson family 
  • Sharon Tate – A pregnant actress
  • Jason Sebring – Hairstylist, a close friend of Sharon Tate
  • Leno LaBianca – Founder of state wholesale grocery company,
  • Rosemary LaBianca – wife of Leno LaBianca and co-founder of Boutique Carriage, 
  • Barbara Hoyt – Former family member and prosecution witness, the Manson family attempted to murder 
  • Dennis Wilson – Beach Boys member and a former friend of Manson
  • Roman Polanski – Sharon Tate’s husband
  • Abigail Folger – Heiress to Folger Coffee fortune
  • Wojciech Frykowski – Writer, Folger’s lover

Charles Manson Family

Charles Manson was with his Lawyer sitting in the Court
Charles Manson was with his Lawyer sitting in the Court

Manson was involved in different kinds of crimes throughout his life. While he was young, he was engaged in crimes like stealing money, stealing cars, rages, etc. His intensity in crimes was growing with his age.

He founded the crime gang ‘Manson Family. Members of the Manson family also committed a number of other murders, assaults, petty crimes, and thefts. In the 1960s, Mansion initiated the prostitution business. Mansion family is famously blamed for a series of nine murders at four locations in July and August 1969.

He was the mastermind behind all the crimes by the Manson family. Through the influence of Charles Manson, the runaway hippies joined him and became members of the ‘Manson Family. Trafficking of girls for prostitution has emerged through hippies. 

What caused the death of Charles Mansion?

Although Charles Manson was sentenced to death in 1969 for being the mastermind behind the famous murder of an actress and four others, his death sentence was, however, revoked later by a change in the law.

He died on November 19, 2017, in Bakersfield, California. He was admitted to the hospital on November 15 because of a health severity; he died of a cardiac arrest and respiratory failure in the hospital on November 19. Charles Manson’s death is believed to be brought on by cancer that had spread to his colon.

Imprisonment and Judicial Custody

Charles Manson Committing Crimes in Front of Judiciary
Charles Manson Committing Crimes in Front of the Judiciary

The prison was almost a second home for Charles Mansion. Committing crimes, being caught, and being released were part of his life. His first imprisonment in federal jail was at the age of 17. While he was out, he began to steal checks from mailboxes; he was arrested in 1959 for the same, and he was released after six months.

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In June 1960, he was again arrested for crossing the state border for the prostitution business. After the murders of the pregnant actress and four others, cops finally determined who was responsible for the brutal murders.

Manson and other culprits were arrested in 1969. Manson was held responsible for the Tate and LaBianca murders and conspiracy to commit murder; he was sentenced to imprisonment. During their imprisonment, he developed his interest in music and wrote several songs.

Internet Weapon of Manson

Most people find themselves intrigued by the idea that cult leaders would recruit members using social media sites. It is still debatable whether Manson used websites and social media to monitor his followers to do anything for him.

It is believed by some people that he used secret websites to operate his followers, which were later banned by the U.S. government. There is no such evidence that can prove anything about that.


  •  Numerous books and movies inspired by Manson, both documentary and fiction, including Helter Skelter, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and The Life and Times of Charles Manson.
  •  Laurie Levenson, a law professor, once said Charlie Manson was off-the-charts evil.
  •  Manson received more mail than any other prisoner in the U.S.
  •  Despite being a criminal, he has a heroic image. He is still seen on posters and t-shirts.
  •  He was a man with influencing powers. In a very short time, he was able to gather hundreds of followers, ready to do whatever he ordered.
  •  In the 1980‘s artists in Los Angeles, within the punk rock scene, started using Manson’s image on the album artwork.
  •  Charlie Manson shapes up as a criminally insane cult leader in the social media age.

Charles Manson Movies

Jim Van Bebber created a movie on the Manson family in 1997 to show the world the notorious activities of the real Manson. The movie was curated on the basis of the narration from a bunch of members of the family. The plot also included the 1969 murder spree.

Charles Manson Future Mother In Law
Charles Manson’s Future Mother In Law

Shocking facts

  •  Manson’s mother was 16 years old when he was born.
  • His mother wrote ‘No name‘ on his birth certificate.
  • Manson stole a gun at the age of 13.
  • He was raped and sexually abused at the juvenile detention center.
  • Manson begged not to leave prison when he was released in 1967.
  • Manson wrote songs during his imprisonment. 
  • After killing Sharon Tate, the Manson Family wrote ‘PIG’ from her blood.
  • Manson had a swastika tattooed between his eyebrows.
  • His followers killed as many as 35 people.
  • He actually never killed anyone himself.
  • While in prison, Manson listed his religion as “Scientology.”
  • He kept a celebrity hit list.
  • He banned his followers from wearing glasses.

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When the name Charles Manson comes to mind, it’s absolutely terrifying. Bad exposure from the Family can be considered the root cause of Manson’s personality. An average guy can brainwash so many young men and women into committing brutal and gruesome acts of murder and inspire the kind of loyalty and unfaltering willingness to obey that the Manson family members exhibited. His life was a total thrill; he did what he wanted with an absolute psycho-villain style.

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Charles Manson -FAQ’s

Is Charles Manson still alive?

No, he died on November 19, 2017, It is nothing more than a rumoured myth that he is still alive. The rumours are possibly being spread in order to seek attention among his fans. Some people say that his death was a conspiracy to take him out of the sight of the world as members of the Manson family took him to the ruins of Death Valley and pretended that Manson had died. But as per the official statements, he died.

Why and how did Charles Manson die?

Charles Manson in his old age was suffering from various health problems. The California Department of Corrections released a statement saying, Charles Manson, 83, died of natural causes at 8:13 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at a Kern County hospital. He was admitted to the hospital 2 months before he died. When his health reports came, it was found that he had colon cancer and gastrointestinal bleeding. The 83-year-old criminal Charles Manson died on 19th November 2017 due to heart failure.

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How many murders did Charles Manson commit?

Not even one. It is hard to believe that Manson never killed anyone. There is no official record of any murder committed by Charles Manson. Once he planned to kill a dangerous drug dealer who threatened his home & Manson’s family;  he shot Bernard Crowebut but somehow Crowe survived. He is the leader of the cult, planned everything, and used his members for the murders. It is considered that he never killed anyone.

How tall was Charles Manson?

He was not like any other muscular villain physique. Manson was a thin man, measuring around 5 feet 7 inches tall. There is excess confusion about estimates of how tall was Charles Manson. But from the videos available on the internet and hospital reports the most trustworthy estimate is that he would have been around 5’5.

What did Charles Manson do and why?

He was a leader of the cult Manson Family and was convicted of planning murders and other crimes. He was responsible for the well-known murder of a pregnant actress in 1969. His upbringing was the main cause for his being a criminal. Most probably lieu of becoming famous among the youth would be the main reason for what he did in his entire life.

What is the worth of Charles Manson’s estate?

Charles Manson was banned from practising any business because of his criminal history. Despite the fact, the worth of Manson’s estate was nothing less than that of a celebrity. Throughout his life, Charles Manson maintained good secrecy about his wealth. At the time of his death, his worth was reported to be $400,000. According to a Forbes report, his estate is valued in millions of dollars.

Where is Charlie Manson from

Charles was born in Ohio. Charles Manson’s mother, Maddox, was a famous con artist similar to his biological father. Maddox faced five years in 1939 due to assault and robbery. Since Charles was a child, he was shifted to West Virginia. After his mother’s release and staying in West Virginia for a while, the mother-son duo shifted to Indianapolis.

Who is Charles Manson?

Charles was a musician and a cult leader. He was the leader of the Mansion family, a famous cult in California. He was the prime accused of nine consecutive murders in four different locations in the July and August of the year 1969. According to the prosecution, he never directly ordered the murder. His plans were an overt activity of conspiracy.

How many people did Charles Manson kill?

The Mansion family got famous for the Los Angeles murder case. Charles became famous after the murder of Sharon Tate, the actress and four others at her home on August 8 and 9, 1969. The following day there was another series of murders Tex Watson and the three other members. He was the brain behind nine murders.

How tall was Charles Manson?

 In the interview with Sawyer, when he was asked about his height, he said that he was 5 feet 7 inches tall. There is no other information available about his height.

How old was Charles Manson when he died?

Charles was 83 years old. He breathed his last in captivity. On November 19 of the same year, he had a cardiac arrest due to respiratory failure. Besides, he was also suffering from colon cancer.

Is there anything on Netflix about Charles Manson?

The Netflix series The six-part Helter Skelter: An American Myth is based on Charles Manson. The series also features his pathological family meticulously. In another psycho-thriller from Netflix, Mindhunter: Season 2, the two protagonists, Bill Tench and Holden Ford, have a meeting with Charles, the cult leader!

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