Patrizia Reggiani Net Worth, Daughters, Family, Now, Today

Patrizia Reggiani was a former Italian criminal who was convicted and a Socialite at that time her daughter’s name is Allegra And Alessandra Gucci, with a net worth of $10 Million. She was found guilty in a well-publicized trial for hiring a hitman to murder her husband of a while, Maurizio Gucci. The 75-year-old Patrizia

Charles Manson Death, Height, Age, Net Worth, Children, Wife

Charles Manson has always tried to conceal his identity from the world. his age is 83 and his height is 5 ft 7 inches, He has even changed his name to Jay so that no one could disclose his original identity. He tried everything possible to distance himself from the criminal and murderous history of

William Syvin and leslie, Biographical, Age, Life style

William Syvin was the husband of the popular convicted murderer Leslie Van Houten. His former wife was also charged with murder related to the Mansion family. The sixty-six-year-old has been a prison inmate for years! Firstly, after she was proven guilty, she faced a death sentence. However, a year later, the whole scenario changed. A

Ariel Castro Kidnappings, Death, Wiki, House, Daughter, Netflix Movies

Ariel Castro was born to Pedro Castro and Lillian in Puerto Rico. He was an infamous kidnapper of the millennium. In his entire life outside captivity, he pleaded guilty to 937 criminal activities, including Murder, Rape, and kidnappings. Two movies, including one documentary, have been made to showcase the life story of Ariel. He abducted three women

Chris Watts Mistress, House, Documentary, Girlfriend, Murders Case

Chris Watts birth name is Christopher Lee Watts, his house is located in Spring Lake, North Carolina, USA, and he was the prime accused of his wife’s and children’s murder. He confessed to the gruesome murder of his wives and children with the detectives on August 15. Later, he confessed to murdering his own kids

Ted Bundy Daughter, Wife, Death, Girlfriend, Cars, Last Words, 2002

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer of the 1970s. He was arrested under the charge of murder, and kidnapping, of all his victims. After years of a lie, he finally confessed to about 30 murders between 1974 and 1978. Bundy was sentenced to jail in 1975 and was sent to jail in Utah. He

Jeffrey Dahmer Cause of Death, Crime Scene, Height, Parents

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the greatest American serial killers convicted of murdering 17 men between 1978 and 1991. Initially diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder was found completely sane during his trial. He is also referred to as the Milwaukee monster. There is a psychological drama named My Friend Dahmer based on him. Dahmer was

Drew Peterson Net Worth, Spouse, Kids, Story, Documentary, Wife, USC

Drew Peterson was a former police sergeant. He was also a convicted murderer from America and murdered his third wife only after a few months of divorce from her, His foul play was highlighted after his 4th wife, Stacy Ann went missing. Her whereabouts can never be traced. He was arrested under the charges of

Susan Atkins Death, Bio, Son, Manson Family, Mugshot, Child

We all are aware of the Manson family! Susan Atkins is one of the members of the Manson family. She was the murderer of nine people at four various locations in California. She was arrested as she was suspected of eight killings. Susan was also involved in the 1969 Tate murders. She was the longest-serving

Charles Cullen Documentary, Netflix Movie, Nurse, Victims

Charles Cullen is an American nurse or as known as “The Angel of Death” and he is the most prolific serial killer in history, who has murdered dozens of patients. In his 16 years career, he had committed 40 murders. In 16 interviews with journalists, police, and psychiatrists, he claimed to have committed many murders.

Alyssa Bustamante Today, Wife, Age, Now, Netflix Movie

Alyssa Bustamante today is a 15-year-old teenager from St. Martins. She is known to murder her 9-year-old neighbour named Elizabeth Olten. Her troubled childhood and ignored mental issues led her to commit a gruesome murder. The only motive for the murder was to experience the feeling of killing someone! She was arrested under the charge of

Scott Peterson Net Worth, Family, Mother, Age, Wife, Murder

Scott Peterson is an infamous criminal, who murdered his unborn son along with his pregnant wife, his age is 50 years old, The lethal injection sentenced him to death for his horrific activity. His deeds remained unsuspected until Scott’s affair was revealed in front of the authorities and the family. Netflix has brought in a

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Story, Mom

Gypsy Rose was charged with murdering her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. The act of matricide came to her mind as she had been subjected to physical abuse since childhood. The body of Dee Dee was found in her residence bathroom by the sheriff’s deputies. Claudine, aka Dee Dee, was allegedly fabricating her daughter’s illness. The

Leslie Van Houten Bio, Net Worth, Brother, Parole, Husband

Leslie Van Houten is an American convicted murderer and one of the ex-family members of the Manson Family. She was a Criminal and convicted for the 1969 killings of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. During her criminal career, Her net worth is estimated to be $ 12 million. she used to have various aliases such as

Juan López Death, Ex-husband of Jenni Rivera, Kids, Funeral

Mexican drug dealer, and entrepreneur, Juan López married his friend Jenni Rivera. who became famous overnight for his marriage. Jenni died in a plane crash in 2012. Juan and Jenni had 2 kids together. Now, the recent death of her former husband has thrown light upon their not-so-good married life. He was sent to jail

José Trinidad Marín Mother, Wife Maria, Family, Grandchildren

José Trinidad Marín came to the limelight when he married the American-Mexican celebrity, singer, and songwriter Jenni Rivera. before Jenni Rivera’s marriage, his 1st wife was Maria, They got married in 1984. He was Jenni’s first Husband. The couple together had 3 kids. Their marriage ended in 1992. as Jose started assaulting Jenni, his sister-in-law,

Yolanda Saldívar Age, Height, Release Date of Birth, Now

Yolanda Saldívar is a convicted murderer. She murdered the famous singer Selena Quintanilla on March 31, 1995. when she was just 23, Over age is 62 years old. she is very famous in Selena Quintanilla’s fan club and is the manager of her boutiques After more than 3 decades after the murder, Yolanda Saldivar is

Danny Greene Cleveland, Net Worth, Death, Wife, Children

Danny Greene Born on November 14, 1933, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, also known as Daniel John Patrick Greene was an American mobster. This was during the 1970s gang war for the city’s Criminal operations. The Gangbangers set off more than 36 bombs, all with the intention of attempting murder, and most of these bombs