Danny Greene Biography

Born on November 14, 1933, in Cleveland, Ohio, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, Danny Greene also known as Daniel John Patrick Greene was an American mobster.

This was during the 1970s gang war for the city’s criminal operations. The Gangbangers set off more than 36 bombs, all with intentions of attempting murder and most of these bombs were attached to cars, many such attempts were successful.

Danny Greene is also known as “The Irishman,” who belonged to a preeminent notorious crime figures in the Midwest. Additionally, he also took over the entire mafia in his quest for power.

In addition to the same, Danny Greene was also known as the associate of the Cleveland mobster John Nardi.

Danny Greene had acquired all the power initially in a local chapter of the International Longshoremen’s Association. Besides, Danny was elected as the president in this association in the early 1960s.

He forced into Cleveland rackets and began to compete with the Italian-American Mafia for control of the city. Later, he set up his own group named the Celtic Club, complete with enforcers.

“If any of these maggots form the so called mafia want to come after me, I’m not a hard man to find”.- Famous Saying by Danny Greene

Some Facts about Danny Greene

  • D.O.B. – 14 November 1933
  • Zodiac Sign- Scorpio
  • Also Known As- Daniel John Patrick Greene
  • Born in- Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Also Known As- Daniel John Patrick Greene
  • Parents- John Henry Greene (Father) and Irene Cecelia (Mother)
  • Siblings- Does not have any
  • Occupation- Dock Worker, Mobster, Racketeer, Teamster, Mafia Family Associate, and Longshoreman
  • Spouse/Ex- June Tears (Married in the year 1953 and divorced in 1956), Nancy Hegler (Married in the year 1956 and divorced in 1960)
  • Children- Sharon Greene Wehagen and Danny Kelly
  • Demise- October 6, 1977
  • Place- Lyndhurst, Ohio, United States
  • Ill-famed for- Mobster
  • Cause of Death- Car bomb
  • Burried at- Calvary Cemetery, Ohio, United States
  • Known for- His War with the Cleveland Mafia and as Former associate of Cleveland Mobster John Nardi

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Early Life of Danny Greene

  • Danny Greene was born to Irene Cecelia Greene and John Henry Greene. His father was born also born in Cleveland and his mother was born in Pennsylvania.
  • Right after 3 days of his birth, Danny Greene’s mother passed away. Adding on, he was initially named “Baby Greene” by his mother, but was ultimately named his grandfather (Daniel John Greene), right after the burial of her mother.
  • His father was a drunkard and lost his job because of his habit of heavy drinking. This incident made Danny move in with his grandfather (a newspaper printer).
  • Moreover, as Danny’s father could not look after his needs, he placed him in Parmadale, a Roman Catholic orphanage in Parma, Ohio, three miles outside Cleveland.
  • Later in the year 1939, his father began dating a nurse and married her soon.
  • To Danny’s utter shock, his father settled with his new wife and started a happy family. He also brought their son to live with them.
  • Since Danny always disliked his new mother, he used to also run away from her.
  • Observing the disturbed childhood and Danny’s condition, his paternal grandfather took him in.
  • After which Danny lived with his grandfather and aunt for the rest of his childhood in the Collinwood neighborhood.
  • In view of the fact that his grandfather worked in night shifts, Danny used to roam around the streets at night.
  • His father passed away in the year 1959 and the newspaper obituary listed his children from his second marriage but did not mention Danny’s name in the list.

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  • Danny attended St. Jerome Catholic School, where he developed the feeling of great endearment for the priests and nuns.
  • In the later run, Danny he also earned a lasting friendship with some of his teachers. Eventually, he also served as an altar boy.
  • Danny was athletic in his childhood and also excelled at baseball, along with being an all-star basketball player.
  • Despite the fact that Danny was not academically good, the nuns at St. Jerome always allowed him to play sports as he was valuable to the team.
  • Then, he attended the St. Ignatius High School.
  • In this phase of his school life, Danny frequently fought with the Italian-American students, who were the children of more recent immigrants struggling for a place.
  • Eventually, he ended up developing strong disliking for the Italians which lasted his entire life.
  • His hatred for the Italian students resulted in his expel from Saint Ignatius and transfer to Collinwood High School.
  • After coming to Collinwood High School, Danny excelled in athletics and also became a boy Scout for a short period of time.
  • But, soon he was kicked out of his group and was also expelled from Collinwood High School.
  • Danny was expelled as he used to reach late to the school, because he was always bullied by the fellow students.

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Military service

  • After Danny was expelled from Collinwood High School in 1951, he joined the United States Marine Corps.
  • There he was soon noticed for his potentiality as a boxer and marksman.
  • In addition to the same, he was also stationed for a time at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina.
  • But, because of his poor behavior with others, he was transferred several times.
  • Furthermore, in 1953, Greene was promoted to the rank of corporal.
  • His responsibility was to teach the new junior Marines how to be artillerymen.
  • Adding on, Danny Greene was honorably discharged later in the same year.

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Danny’s Life on the Docks

  • Danny Greene diverted his attention to working the docks as a stevedore (a person who is employed at a dock and is responsible to load and unload the ships) on Lake Erie following his time in the Marines.
  • His character continued to build his reputation and was appointed as the president of the local International Longshoremen’s Union.
  • Nevertheless, Danny’s behavior was ruthless towards his colleagues and that made him use his power to order union men to beat up those workers who did not follow his rules.
  • Greene never stopped flaunting his Irish heritage and even painted the entire union office green.
  • In spite of his rude and overbearing behavior, Danny fought for his workers and for better working conditions for them.
  • At all the meetings, Danny Greene spoke expressively and the Union leaders as well as the mob bosses both took notice of the well-run docks.

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Personal Life of Danny Greene

  • On December 17, 1973, Danny married June Tears. The couple had two children.
  • Sadly the marriage did not long last and the couple got divorced on February 28, 1956.
  • Later in the same year, Danny married Nancy Hegler, but the couple got divorced in the late 50s.
  • In addition to this, Danny and Nancy Hegler remarried in the early 60s, but again parted ways in the mid-70s.

Criminal career of Danny Greene

  • Intending to keep the peace, Cleveland Solid Waste Trade Guild hired Danny Greene.
  • Additionally, as Shondor Birns was impressed with Danny’s abilities, he hired him as an enforcer for his various “numbers” operators.
  • Furthermore, the Cleveland Mafia family underboss, Frank Brancato, used Danny Greene and the other Irish-American gangsters, during the 1960s, to act muscle men to enforce the Mafia’s influence over rackets.
  • Till his death in 1973, Brancato remorse having brought Danny Greene into the mob due to the damage that he did.
  • For instance, Under Birns’s orders in May 1968, Danny was asked to attack a black numbers man who was holding out on protection money due.
  • Because Danny Green was not familiar with the military-type detonator, he hardly step out of his car, before the bomb exploded.
  • Danny Greene survived being thrown away nearly 20 feet, and his right ear was also damaged for life.
  • On November 13, 1964, Danny Greene was implicated by the federal grand jury on charges of falsifying the records and embezzlement.
  • Adding on to the same, Greene was also accused of stealing $11,542.38 in union funds.

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Danny Greene Cleveland

  • Disrupted by Danny including the mafia and using violence, Mike Frato decided to quit the guild to set up a legal business.
  • In the year 1970, Danny ordered Art Sneperger, a member of his”Celtic Club” gang, to attach a bomb to Frato’s car.
  • But, not only did Sneperger inform the police about this activity, he also disclosed the entire plan.
  • Later in 1971, an evident mistake of Art Sneperger, while planting a bomb inside Frato’s car, killed Art Sneperger but not Frato.
  • Adding on to the same, this case was never solved, though there are several theories abounded, including Danny murdering Art Sneperger for revealing his plan to the police.
  • Danny Greene was arrested later and was charged with the murder of Frato on November 26, 1971, at Cleveland’s White City Beach.
  • Though Danny Greene admitted killing Frato, he was released on the ground of self-defense.
  • Probably, Frato had first fired three times on Danny from a passing car, as Danny was jogging on the beach.

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 The Celtic Club

  • Danny Greene formed his own gang of young Irish-American gangsters, called “The Celtic Club”.
  • His dominant enforcers were Brittain, Keith Ritson, McTaggart, Kevin, Elmer, and Art Sneperger, who set up various gambling dens across the city.
  • Additionally, later Danny Greene also associated with John Nardi, a Cleveland crime family labor racketeer who wanted to oust the leadership.

Danny Greene the Irishman

  • A 2011 American biographical crime film directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, “Kill the Irishman” is based on the life of the Irish-American gangster Danny Greene, and was modified from the book To Kill the Irishman: The War That Crippled the Mafia, by Rick Porrello.
  • In continuation to this, the biopic “Kill the Irishman (2011)” loosely connects the life of Danny Greene in a chronology.
  • Additionally, the film features the rise and fall of Danny Greene and how he worked as a longshoreman on the Cleveland docks.
  • The biopic also shows the journey of Danny being chosen to serve as interim president of the International Longshoremen’s Association in 1961.
  • The biopic was released in the United States on March 11, 2011 and premiered at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema, New York City.
  • Season 11 of ‘Brother’s Keeper’, Episode 21 of ‘Law & Order’ is based on Danny Greene.

What happened to Danny Greene?

He died in a car bomb.

Was Danny Greene a real person?

Yes, he was an American mobster.

Who was Danny Greene married to?

He married Nancy Hegler and June Tears.

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