Elliana Walmsley Age, Height, Brother, Net worth, Boyfriend

Elliana Kathryn Walmsley also known as Elliana Walmsley is a 16 years old dancing sensation. Born on June 23, 2007, She stands at 4 feet 10 inches in height and started dancing when she was just 18 months old. She has a net worth of $400k. Elliana became a popular face after taking part in the reality show Dance Moms. She was featured as Claire in the web series Chicken Girls which was released in 2020 and is continuing to date. She is currently a part of the Adrenaline Crew. 


Birth Name Elliana Kathryn Walmsley
Nickname Elliana Walmsley
Age 16 years old
Date of Birth June 23, 2007
Place of Birth Boulder, Colorado, US
Nationality American
Profession Dancer and Model
Gender Female
Net Worth $400k
zodiac Cancer
Education Michelle Latimer Dance Academy
Years Active 2015–present
Religion           Christian

Elliana Walmsley Age and Height

Elliana Walmsley wears a top and black jeans in his house
Elliana Walmsley wears a top and black jeans in his house
Height 4 feet 0 inches
Weight 99lbs (45 kg)
Age 15 Years
Hair Color Brown (naturally) Blonde (currently)
Eye Color Blue
Body Measurements 30A-23-31

Elliana is a fitness freak at just the age of 15. She has a perfect body shape with a weight of 45 kg. You cannot also ignore her impressive height as she is 4 feet 10 inches tall. The most note-worthy features that make Elliana’s fans head over heels for her are her hazel eyes and blonde hair.

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Early Life, Education, and Family (Parents and Siblings)

Elliana Walmsley wearing a blackwhite dotted dress and sitting in the light pink dress
Elliana wearing a black-white dotted dress and sitting in the light pink dress
Father Name Kevin Walmsley
Mother Name Yolanda Walmsley
Siblings 2
Brother Jakob and Luke
Girlfriend Jentzen Ramirez
Education 10th (22/23)

Born in Boulder, Colorado, Elliana Walmsley is the youngest child of Yolanda and Kevin Walmsley.  She Has Two elder brothers Jakob and Luke. Elliana started dancing at the age of 18 months. 

She studied at Master Ballet Academy in Arizona and Michelle Latimer Dance Academy in Colorado. She later enrolled at EDGE Performing Arts Center and The Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles. 

In 2015, she took part in the KAR Dance Competition in Las Vegas and was titled “Miss Petite Dance America”.

Personal Life

Elliana Walmsley lying on the white been bag with the teddy
Elliana Walmsley lying on the white bean bag with the teddy

Elliana Walmsley Brother

Sexual Assault by her Brother

Elliana Kathryn Walmsley is the smallest of the three siblings. Her two older brothers are Jakob and Luke. Luke Walmsley is a Tiktoker with millions of followers.

He mainly uploads content like lip-syncing and dancing to popular songs. You can spot one of his dancing videos with his sister Elliana in it.

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It was a devastating moment for Elliana’s family when Luke was caught sexually assaulting her sister. The Walmsley brother has been exhibiting strange behavior for the past few months.

His family believed that he might have started taking drugs. On the day in question, Luke suddenly plunged into his sister’s room. He ended up touching her inappropriately as Elliana was changing clothes.

The family informed the cops as the incident came to light. Though he is released on bail, he may face prison imprisonment if convicted in the upcoming trial.


Elliana Walmsley wearing a white top and black skirt and doing some dance step nearby the window
Elliana Walmsley wearing a white top and black skirt and doing some dance step nearby the window

Elliana’s career started with the sixth season of the US reality show titled ‘Dance Moms’ where she participated with her mother as a part of the ALDC mini team. 

After the disbandment of the team, she joined Team Elite in 2017 and started as a permanent member of the season 7 cast. She again returned for some episodes in season 8 of the show. 

In 2017, she was a part of the national tour with castmate Maesi Caes to give solo performances and also take dance masterclasses. 

In July 2017, she competed at the annual dance competition ‘The Dance Awards and finished in the top ten in Mini Female Best Dancer Category. By the end of 2017, she got the lead role of Grace in the musical Dance Divas Nutcracker. 

In July 2018, Walmsley won the title of Mini Female Best Dancer at The Dance Awards representing the Michelle Latimer Dance Academy. Later in June 2020, she again competed in the same show but in the junior category and finished in the top 15. 

In 2018, Elliana participated in the show Dancing with the Stars: Juniors as a professional. Later in 2019, she got the lead role of Clara in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show. 


Elliana Walmsley wearing a shoulderless top and giving a smile
Elliana Walmsley wearing a shoulderless top and giving a smile

TV Shows

Year Title
2016-2017, 2019 Dance Moms
2018 Dancing with the Stars
2018 Dancing with the Stars: Juniors
2018 To the Pointe with Kristyn Burtt
2018 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Elliana Walmsley Boyfriend

Elliana dated Jentzen Ramirez from Oct 2020Dec 2021. Here is a brief intro of Jentzen! The 16-year-old is a movie actor who is more famous for his humongous social media fanbase.

There is no such current dating record of the adolescent star. She is an ambitious personality and is currently focused on her career.

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Web Series

Elliana Walmsley poses like someone killing her with a knife and she is in a Halloween costume
Elliana Walmsley poses like someone killing her with a knife and she is in a Halloween costume
Year Title
2016-2017 JoJo’s Juice
2017 TinaQ’s Celebrity Interviews
2018 Boss Cheer
2020 CollabBASH: The First and Largest Online Creator Event
2020 Chicken Girls: The Docuseries
2020-present Chicken Girls
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Awards and Nominations

Elliana Walmsley standing in front of the green bantley car in the parking area
Elliana Walmsley standing in front of the green Bentley car in the parking area
Award Year Category Result
The Dance Awards (2018) Female Best Dancer (Mini) Won
CelebMix Awards (2018) Best Dancer Nominated
CelebMix Awards (2019 Best Dancer Nominated

Elliana Walmsley Dance Moms

In 2016, She joined America’s famous reality show Dance Mom Season 6 along with her mother. On joining, they became part of the ALDC mini-team.

When the ALDC disbanded, Elliana became a member of the Elite team. In Season 7, which aired in 2017, she joined the cast as one of the permanent members. Elliana left the show at the end of the season and returned in Season 8 for a few episodes.

Elliana Walmsley Net Worth

Elliana Walmsley standing beside the red car and wearing an orange top
Elliana Walmsley standing beside the red car and wearing an orange top
Years 2022
Net Worth $400K
Annual Income $ 60,000

The 15-year-old has an Elliana Walmsley net worth of $400k. She comes from a well-settled family. She charges a hefty amount for her TV shows and web series. Her annual income is over $ 60,000.

Her primary earning sources are social media endorsements, brand collaborations, acting, and dance. Her earnings have escalated over the years with her rising fame. It is presumed that since she is a minor, her family manages her finances.

Social Media

Elliana Walmsley wearing a black dress and enjoying nature
Elliana Walmsley wearing a black dress and enjoying nature
Links      Username
Instagram.com @ellianawalmsley_
TikTok @ellianawalmsley
YouTube @elliana_walmsley

When it comes to social media, Elliana has millions of fans who stalk her daily. Besides being a dainty dancer and a passionate actor, she is a great social media influencer. Her Tik Tok account has 6 million fans. On the other hand, Walmsley’s Instagram and Youtuber have 2.4 and 1.72 million subscribers, respectively.

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The 15-year-old Elliana Walmsley is primarily famous for her dancing and social media presence. The immense fame did not reach her easily; she fought a lot for her thriving success. Elliana owns a Youtube channel where she posts content like daily vlogs. She has millions of followers on each of her social media handles.

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Elliana Walmsley- FAQs

How old is Elliana Walmsley?

Elliana was born on June 23, 2007. She is a 16-year-old adolescent. Her name became a household one after she participated in Dance Moms Season 6. Moreover, at present, she is a prominent social media star. 

How tall is Elliana Walmsley?

The star is just 16 years old and has enough time left for her height development. Now, she stands at 4 feet 10 inches. Her height and weight are in perfect coordination as she weighs 45 kg. The hazel-eyed beauty is a fitness freak.

What happened to Elliana Walmsley?

Elliana Walmsley’s brother Luke sexually assaulted her. Luke was behaving weirdly for a few months before the incident. On the day in question, he entered his sibling’s room and started touching her inappropriately despite the fact she was changing clothes. He is released on bail and awaiting his upcoming trial.

Where does Elliana Walmsley live?

She was born in Boulder, Colorado. She is a native of the place. Her passion for dancing and acting developed from this place. Elliana is the daughter of well-settled parents. 

Who is Elliana Walmsley’s brother?

Elliana has two brothers, Jacob Walmsley and Luke Walmsley. Luke is a Tik Toker who is famous for posting lip-syncing and dancing videos. He also posted one similar video along with his sister and exposed the abusive nature of his parents. 

When is Elliana Walmsley’s birthday?

Elliana Walmsley’s birthday is on June 23. She was born on this day in the year 2007. On the eve of her birthday, the walls of her social media handles were flooded with wishes and blessings from her millions of fans.

Why is Elliana Walmsley in the hospital?

She is famous for posting prank videos on her YouTube channel. Recently, she uploaded a photo of her being admitted to a hospital on one of her social media handles. Fans got disheartened for a moment witnessing her broken leg, but later she declared it as a prank. 

How much does Elliana Walmsley weight?

Walmsley is 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighs around 45 kg. The blonde hair and hazel-coloured eyes are the attractive features of this star. She is naturally beautiful with the gift of some in-born remarkable features.

What is Elliana Walmsley’s net worth?

Elliana’s net worth is $ 300,000. Her primary source of income is from brand endorsements, social media, and her dancing and acting career. It is natural that, along with her popularity, her earnings have also increased over the years.

Who is Elliana Walmsley’s ex-boyfriend?

She has a history of an affair with 16-year-old Jentzen Ramirez. The affair began in October 2020 and lasted for one year and two months till December 2021. Jentzen is another celebrity social media influencer. 

Who is Elliana Walmsley?

She is an actress and a dancer. She became famous after becoming a participant in the reality Dance Moms Season 6. Elliana has participated in various dance shows after this and won recognition for her outstanding dancing skills.

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