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Jayden Siwa is a social media star, he is the elder sibling of JoJo Siwa and he is 22 years old, and lives in Nebraska. Jayden and Abbie Crandall (the Tiktok sensation) are dating each other for a couple of years now. Jayden enjoys social media attention for his bulk subscribers. The social media star and baseball player. he is better known as the brother of Jojo, the dancer.

He is popular on YouTube as a player and has a large following, however, he is more dedicated to baseball. He won baseball championships during his school days and was also part of TV Series.


Birth Name Jayden Siwa
Age 22
Date of Birth May 20, 2000
Place of Birth Nebraska
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber, Tiktoker, Baseball player
Net Worth 3.5 Million
Father Tom Siwa
Mother Jessalynn Siwa
Siblings Jojo Siwa
Spouse NA
Children N/A

Jayden Siwa Age and Height

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 85 kgs
Hair Color Hazel
Age 22


Jayden Siwa family picture
Jayden Siwa family picture

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Early Life, Family (Parents and Siblings), and Education

Born in Nebraska in 2000, Jayden Siwa is the first child of his parents Tom Siwa and Jessalynn Siwa. Her sister Jojo Siwa is a well-known reality star and dancer. His parents parted away when his sister was four years old.

He graduated from the Roncalli Catholic High School. The “Roncalli Catholic High School” was where Jayden went. He really loves baseball. He played for his school’s baseball team and won the championship.

He has been a baseball player since he was a little child. Later, he participated in school activities and contributed to the team’s victory in a competition. Jayden hopes to one day play baseball abroad. He lived with his father in Nebraska to complete his baseball training. It took some time for Jayden and JoJo’s parents to embrace their unconventional professional choices.

Jayden had already relocated to Nebraska to begin his baseball training at the time JoJo began her profession as a dancer. Their parents thus made the decision to live apart.

While JoJo went to Los Angeles, California, with her mother so she could focus on her dancing endeavors, Jayden stayed behind with his father in Nebraska. Jayden and his father frequently share quality time. Fishing is one of their favorite pastimes. On the weekends, they go see JoJo.

Jayden Siwa with Girlfriend Abbie Crandall Picture
Jayden Siwa with Girlfriend Abbie Crandall Picture

Personal Life (Girlfriend, Rumors, and Controversies)

In 2018, he dated a girl, Claire, however, the couple broke up due to certain reasons. Later in 2019, he began dating the social media influencer Lily Kate Cole, the couple shared a good time together but they broke up recently.

One of the rumors about Jayden Siwa was that he will be following in the footsteps of his mother and daughter, however, he went on to baseball. Currently, Jayden Siwa doesn’t have a girlfriend.

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Career Highlights

Jayden Siwa started his social media pages when his sister participated in the reality show. He promoted her on the platforms and got her votes, during the time most of his ports were about Jojo. He owns a YouTube channel and has about 77.3 thousand subscribers.

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He has a total of 150,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter. He has also made an appearance in his sister’s documentary named Jojo’s Follow Your D.R.E.A.M. which was released in 2019. He made his TV debut in 2015 as a support to her sister, later he was seen in the series ‘Jojo’s Juice’.

Jayden Siwa Social Media Star sitting in a studio
Jayden Siwa Social Media Star sitting in a studio

Jayden Siwa And His Fame on Social Media 

Jayden began his career in social media at the same time JoJo started hers on television. Jayden promoted her on his social media platform.

To get votes for JoJo, he posted a lot about her involvement. When his mother and sister competed on the dancing reality program “Dance Moms,” Jayden promoted them. Jayden dedicates the majority of his “Instagram” postings to his sister.  He also blogs about his time with his father and baseball.

Most of Jayden’s “Instagram” postings are about his sister, and he has amassed more than 142k followers on the social media site. But the majority of Jayden’s tweets are about baseball. He frequently writes on his blog about his favorite baseball team.

Jayden has a “YouTube” channel, but he hasn’t yet uploaded any content. He has become quite well-known on YouTube as a result of his sister’s vlogs.

He has made several appearances in JoJo’s challenge, tag, and prank videos. Jayden participated in JoJo’s most contentious prank film to yet, in which they faked their father’s accident.

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Jayden Siwa: Followers, Views & Subscribers

Jayden has a respectable amount of followers across a variety of social networking sites. His Instagram has received more than 132K in revenue. His TikTok account has more than 14M likes and over 1M followers.

He also has more than 2340 followers on Twitter, where he is active. And he has over 94.5K subscribers on his own YouTube channel. In terms of his income and wealth, he may make a respectable living through his career.

Platforms Followers (As of 2022)
Instagram 142k Followers
Twitter 2340 followers
YouTube 94.5k followers
TikTok 1M followers
Views & Likes 7,415,723 Views

Net Worth In 2022-2023

Being a popular social media personality, Jayden Siwa Net Worth has earned money through these platforms. It is estimated that his net worth lies somewhere around 1.5 million. He is currently enjoying a very contented and successful life with a great profession, his family, and friends.

It’s safe to say that Jayden’s social media and baseball careers have contributed significantly to his wealth and earnings. He does nothing Still has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

Years 2022
Net Worth $1 million – $5 million

Social Media Presence

Jayden Siwa is an active user of Instagram (@jaydensiwa) and Twitter (@JaydenSiwa). He is also a user of visual platforms like TikTok and Musically.

Social Media Links
Instagram @jaydensiwa
Twitter @JaydenSiwa
TikTok @jaydensiwa

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Jayden Siwa- FAQs

Who is Jayden Siwa dating?

Avery Cyrus and JoJo Siwa are rapidly approaching their relationship milestones. The new pair made their Los Angeles red carpet debut just one day after announcing their relationship. He is a social media sensation in America.

Who is Jayden Siwa?

A well-known American is Jayden Siwa. He is well-known for being Jojo Siwa’s older brother, who is also a dancer, singer, and actor. He is a social media star and has thousands of followers on Instagram and Tik Tok. Jayden began his career in social media at the same time JoJo started hers on television.

What are the body features of Jayden Siwa?

In terms of Jayden Siwa’s physical characteristics, he stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 85 kilograms. Moreover, his eyes are hazel, his hair color is blonde, plus he has a skin complexion dark. He is a fan of Baseball. 

How did Jayden Siwa get famous?

Jayden Siwa is a well-known social media personality and reality TV star from the United States, best known for his role in the show Celebrity Family Feud. On several social media sites, he is also known as “The Food Dude.” He is also well-known for being Jojo Siwa’s brother. 

Does Jojo Siwa have dancing experience?

Jojo finds solace in dancing thanks to her reality television experience, musical success, and reputation as an entertainer. She is the sister of Jayden Siwa. She is known for her pretty look.

Is Jayden Siwa adopted?

No, Jayden is not adopted. He was born on May 20, 2000. Jayden was born to Jenalynn and Tom Siwa. He, along with his sister, was raised together in Nebraska. At school, he developed an interest in games like baseball. Siwa also played for his school team.

Is Jayden Siwa straight?

Jayden has a series of girlfriends to date. The name of his present girlfriend is Abbie Crandall. They have been together with each other since 2020. In 2018, he was dating a girl named Claire. He also dated the popular Youtuber Lily Kate Cole in 2019. 

What age is Jayden Siwa?

As of 2022, Jayden is 22 years old. He celebrates his birthday in May every year. Jayden’s zodiac sign is Taurus. He is a millennial who was born in 2000. Jayden Siwa is the elder brother of JoJo Siwa. He is famous for his social media presence on Youtube and Instagram.

Is Jayden Siwa a boy or a girl?

Jayden Siwa is a boy. He has a junior sibling named JoJo Siwa, who is a girl. She is a sensation and a great dancer. They do not have much of an age gap. The siblings are two years apart. He has a self-titled Youtube handle with more than a lakh subscribers!

How much is Jayden Siwa worth?

He has a total worth of $ 3.5 million. His Instagram has many followers. He has several sources of earnings from brand endorsements and views from his self-labeled Youtube channel. There is little information about his lifestyle and earnings apart from his net worth.

Who is Jayden Siwa’s girlfriend?

Jayden Siwa and Abbie Crandall have been dating each other since 2020. There is no need to give a separate intro of Abbie. She is a famous TikToker. You can check out her short

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