Jennifer Connelly Age, Net Worth, Young, Husband, Height, Kids

Jennifer Connelly, an American actress and fashion model, has a Net Worth of $ 79 million as of 2023. Currently, she is 52 years old. She made her acting debut in Hollywood in 1984 with the movie “Once Upon a Time in America.” Before getting into acting, she was a child model and received many awards.  She had a normal upbringing in a loving household in Cairo, New York. Her roles in films like “Requiem for a Dream,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and “Blood Diamond” are undoubtedly the best ones for which she is most remembered.


Full Name  Jennifer Lynn Connelly
Nick Name Jennifer Connelly
Birth Date  December 12, 1970,
Net Worth  $79 million
Profession  Model, Singer, Voice Actor
Birth Place Cairo, Newyork, United States
Years Active 1982–present
Ethnicity Russian American, Polish American, Norwegian American, Irish American
Nationality American
Religion Catholic and Jew
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Jennifer Connelly Age and Height

Jennifer Connelly stands on the floor and takes her purse bag
Jennifer Connelly stands on the floor and takes her purse bag
Age 52 Years
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 121 lbs 55 kg
Hair Color Black
Eyes Color Hazel

Jennifer was born on 12th December 1970 in Cairo, New York, United States, making her 52 years old as of 2023. She was born to a businessman father, Gerard Connelly, and a mother, Eileen Connelly, a housewife. 

She has a beautiful physique; her height is 5 feet 7 inches, enhancing her charm and sensuality. She weighs about 121 lbs (55 kg). She has lovely black hair and stunning hazel eyes.

Early Life, Family, and Education

Jennifer Connelly wearing a pink dress and gives a smile
Jennifer wearing a pink dress and gives a smile
Father Name Gerard Karl Connelly
Mother Name Eileen Connelly
Children Agnes Lark Bettany, Kai Dugan, Stellan Bettany
Spouse Paul Bettany (M. 2003)
Brother Frankie Grande
Education Stanford University1990–1990
Marriage location Scotland, United Kingdom

Ilene and Gerard Connelly welcomed Jennifer into the world in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Her mother was an antique merchant, and her father worked in the garment industry. Besides the 4 years the family spent in Woodstock, she was raised in Brooklyn Heights, close to the Brooklyn Bridge, and attended St. Ann’s private school.

Jennifer started appearing in newspaper and magazine advertisements after a family friend recommended modeling, then progressed to television commercials. She quickly began attending film auditions, and her first appearance was in Sergio Leone’s 1984 film Once Upon a Time in America as “Young Deborah Gelly.”

She finished her early education at St. Ann’s School in Cargo, New York City. She enrolled at Yale University for her higher education, and when she finished, she transferred to Stanford University to complete her remaining coursework.

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Personal Life & Legacy

While filming “The Rocketeer,” Jennifer Connelly developed a romantic relationship with Billy Campbell. After 5 years of marriage, the couple was engaged but ultimately separated in 1996She had a brief romantic relationship with photographer David Dugan, and she gave birth to their son in 1997.

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Paul Bettany, a fellow actor, and Connelly have been married since 2003. They married in Scotland in a private ceremony after meeting while filming A Beautiful Mind. They have 2 kids: a daughter born in 2011 and a son born in 2003. The Family resides in Brooklyn Heights, New York.


Jennifer Connelly stands on the runway while wearing a white with a black print dress
Jennifer Connelly stands on the runway while wearing a white with a black print dress

With the Ford Modeling Agency, she began her modeling career. She has appeared on the covers of various magazines and in Japanese pop music. Connelly first appeared on the big screen in “Once Upon a Time in America” in 1984.

She dropped out of Stanford to star in “The Hot Spot” in 1990 following family pressure. Critics applauded her performance despite the film’s poor reception at the box office.

She starred as Betty Rose, a scientist, and the main character’s ex-girlfriend, in the 2003 film “The Hulk.” Connelly became intrigued by the movie due to Ang Lee’s unique interpretation of the Marvel Comics character.

She acted in Dustin Lance Black’s “Virginia” in 2010. Her portrayal of a woman with mental instability was favorably praised by critics even though the film was only intended for a limited theatrical run. In 2019 film “Alita: Battle Angel” featured her in a pivotal role.

Jennifer Connelly Young

Connelly was born on December 12th, 1970, in New York. After starting as a child model, she succeeded in the entertainment industry as an adult. She was featured on the covers of Seventeen and Muppet Magazines, and in 1985, she won her first leading role in the film Phenomena, which was about a teen with psychic abilities.

Labyrinth, Some Girls, and Career Opportunities were among the subsequent films. When asked about her upbringing, She said that she started acting at an early age and never had time to consider whether she loved being an actor. 

Jennifer Connelly Movies and TV Shows

Jennifer Connelly attends a show while wearing a black and brown dress
Jennifer Connelly attends a show while wearing a black and brown dress

Here are a few of Jennifer Most Notable Career High Points:

Movie/Series Year
Career Opportunites 1991
A Beautiful Mind 2001
Hulk 2003
Blood Diamond 2006
He’s Just Not That Into You 2008
Alita: Battle Angel 2019
Top Gun: Maverick 2020
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Jennifer Connelly Husband

Jennifer Connelly stands with her husband Paul Bettany
Jennifer Connelly stands with her husband Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany, an actor, is married to Jennifer Connelly. On January 1, 2003, the pair exchanged vows of eternal love and devotion in Scotland, the United Kingdom. They first connected while Connelly was filming “The Beautiful Mind,” her best performance to date.

Her husband, Paul, is a man of many talents. He is a dubbing artist, guitarist, screenwriter, director, and producer of motion pictures. Together, Jennifer and her husband make around $60 million net worth. The couple has been married for nearly 30 years and has a loving, caring relationship with one another and their children.

Jennifer Connelly Kids

Jennifer Connelly going somewhere with her kids 
Jennifer Connelly going somewhere with her kids 

The “Top Gun: Maverick” star is the mother of 3 lovely children by 2 different fathers. Both Jennifer’s professional and personal life is interesting. She has a fantastic son with photographer David Dugan and with actor Paul Bettany,  she has 2 wonderful children.

Jennifer and photographer David started dating for a short while; during their relationship, Kai Dugan was born to them in 1997. Only after eight months of marriage, did Jennifer and Paul welcome their son Stellan on August 5, 2003.

Agnes Bettany was born to Jennifer and Paul on May 31, 2009. She is their only daughter. She is interested in acting and wants to follow in her parent’s footsteps by becoming a famous performer.

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Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery

She has always been the subject of rumors about plastic surgery. Botox and a facelift are thought to be responsible for the actor’s youthful appearance. But Jennifer has always maintained that she will never undergo plastic surgery; it is only due to her rigorous skincare regimen that she looks beautiful. 

She is also thought to have had breast reduction surgery and a nose job. The actress reportedly had a small-nose job; before becoming well-known, she most likely underwent plastic surgery when she was 18 or 19 years old.

Awards and Achievement

Jennifer Connelly attends an oscar award while wearing a white dress
Jennifer Connelly attends an oscar award while wearing a white dress

Connelly has received high praise and accolades for many films, which include “Blood Diamond,” “Little Children,” “Reservation Road,” and many others. she has earned an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA for her part in Ron Howard’s “A Beautiful Mind” (2001).

Jennifer Connelly Net Worth

Jennifer Connelly sitting in ger car and wears a white-black jacket
Jennifer Connelly sitting in her car and wears a white-black jacket
Years 2023
Net Worth $79 Million

According to estimates, Jennifer Connelly Net Worth is $ 79 million as of 2023 and will continue to rise with her popularity. Her lucrative acting job is her primary income source.

Connelly also has endorsements in her bank account with her acting fees. She is the face of well-known companies like Louis Vuitton, Revlon, and Balenciaga and publications like Time and Vanity Fair. Jennifer is a fan of vintage watches and has a vintage Explorer 1016 watch.

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Car Collection

Cars Model
Porsche 911 Turbo S
Range Rover Vogue
Audi A6

In 2008, Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly bought a $6.92 million condo in Manhattan. Bettany and Connelly reportedly sold their home in 2018 for $9 million. The year after selling their penthouse, the couple purchased a $15.5 million property in Brooklyn Heights. Brokers said it was one of the most lucrative property transactions in the borough. 

Social Media

Jennifer Connelly sitting on the show while wearing a black t-shirt
Jennifer Connelly sitting on the show while wearing a black T-shirt

Though she may be more social now than when she was young, Jennifer is still very private. She mainly focuses on discussing her job in interviews and sharing little facts about her personal life with the public.

Twitter @jenconnelly
Instagram @jennifer.connelly
Facebook @JenniferConnelly

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American actress Jennifer Connelly entered the field at a relatively young age and quickly rose to prominence. She has slowly established a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Several prestigious awards have been bestowed upon her in recognition of her achievements. Los Angeles Times, Esquire, and Vanity Fair have named Jennifer one of the world’s most attractive women. 

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Jennifer Connelly – FAQ’s

How old is Jennifer Connelly?

She was born on 12th December 1970 in Cairo, New York, United States, making her 52 years old as of 2023. Her mother, Eileen, was a stay-at-home mom, while her father, Gerard Connelly, had a successful business.

How tall is Jennifer Connelly?

She has a lovely body, and at 5 feet 7 inches, she is both attractive and appealing. She weighs around 121.2 lbs (55 kg). She has gorgeous hazel eyes and glossy black hair.

Who is Jennifer Connelly married to?

Actor Paul Bettany has been Connelly’s husband since 2003. They had a small, intimate wedding in Scotland after meeting on the set of A Beautiful Mind. They have a son (born in 2003) and a daughter ( born in 2013) together. Brooklyn Heights, New York, is home to the family.

Who is Jennifer Connelly?

Actress Jennifer Lynn Connelly is from the United States. Before making her acting debut in the 1984 crime movie Once Upon a Time in America, she worked as a child model and actor.

Who was Jennifer Connelly in the top gun?

In one of the most popular movies of 2022, “Top Gun: Maverick,” Jennifer Connelly played the formidable bar owner Penelope Benjamin, who has feelings for Tom Cruise’s Maverick.

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