José Trinidad Marín Mother, Wife Maria, Family, Grandchildren

José Trinidad Marín came to the limelight when he married the American-Mexican celebrity, singer, and songwriter Jenni Rivera. before Jenni Rivera’s marriage, his 1st wife was Maria, They got married in 1984. He was Jenni’s first Husband. The couple together had 3 kids. Their marriage ended in 1992. as Jose started assaulting Jenni, his sister-in-law, and her children physically and mentally. Though he was from California, his upbringing took place in Mexico.


Name Jose Trinidad Marin (also known as Trino Marin)
Date of Birth February 15, 1964 (age 58 years)
Place of Birth United States
Nationality Mexican-American
Religion Christianity
Spouse Jenni Reverie (1984-1992)
Children Chiqis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, Micheal Marin
Profession Restaurant Manager

José Trinidad Marín Age And Height

Height 6′ 1″
Weight 74 kgs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown

Early Life

He was born in California, United States, on February 15, 1964. Jose is a follower of Christ and strongly believes in Christianity.

Jose is from Mexico; he has an American-Mexican passport. His parents raised him in Mexico before shifting permanently to the United States; however, there is no information about his parents or sibling on the Internet.

Jose is believed to be a very private person. At the age of 22, he started working as an administrative manager in an American-Mexican café before Marrying Jenni Rivera.

José Trinidad Marín wife Maria
José Trinidad Marín new wife Maria

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José Trinidad Marín Wife Maria

José Trinidad Marín wife Maria is the 1st wife and Jenni Rivera started dating each other when she was in school. Trino used to do odd jobs to earn a living. His career took a significant turn after getting employment in an American cafe as an administrative manager.

They got married in 1984. Jose did not want Jenni to pursue further studies. On the other hand, Jenni had a keen interest in her studies.

The difference in opinions converted from heated arguments to physical abuse. Moreover, he also molested his daughter and sister-in-law. In 1990, Jenni decided to divorce, which happened in 1992

Family and Sister

He married Jenni, and together they had three children: 1 st Daughter Chiquis Rivera, Jacquie Campos, and Michael. On September 21, Jenni announced her third pregnancy. The marriage went downhill when her former husband, Jose, was accused of sexually assaulting their daughter and Jenni’s sister.

Recently, Chiquis, in an interview, announced that she had lately forgiven her father for the past deeds. She pursued her mother’s profession and became a singer. The other two children are into acting. They have forgiven their father and are currently maintaining a healthy relationship.

José Trinidad Marín Grandchildren

José Trinidad Marín is the grandfather to five grandchildren: Julian Joy Campos, Jaylah Hope Yanez, Jordan Campos, Jenavieve Campos, and Luna Amira Marin Ibarra. The four of his grandchildren are Jacquie, the younger daughter’s kids. Michael only has one child, Luna Amira Marin Ibarra.

Professional Career

When Jose and Jenni started seeing each other, he was unemployed. Jose was hired as an administrative manager in an American-Mexican restaurant at the age of 22 and he started earning a decent amount. He is assumed to be having $2 million net worth.

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José Trinidad Marín Mother

Rosie Rivera, Jenni’s younger sister, first acknowledged Jose’s abuse in 1997. She claims that Marin attacked her as well as his own eldest daughter, Chiquis. According to the physical exam, José was harassing his daughters, Chiquis and Jacqueline. His parents’ names and other details remain unknown.

Furthermore, José Marn received a 9-year prison term when the assault case was brought in 1997. Marn received a sentence of 31 years in prison in April 2006.

He was sentenced to prison without the possibility of a retrial after being found guilty of assault and rape, according to the Press-Telegram. Marn and Jenni started dating in 1984, but he divorced Jenni from Marn in 1992 because she had been severely mistreated by him. Their 3 children, who Marn also tormented, are Jacqueline, Chiquis, and Michael.

josé Trinidad marín Grandchildren Photo
josé Trinidad marín Grandchildren Photo

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Trino Marin José Trinidad Marín

Jose Trinidad Marin’s real name is Trino Marin. On February 15, 1964, in California, the United States, he entered the world. Before their nuptials, Jenni Rivera’s (ex-husband Jose Trinidad) name wasn’t well-known in society. Trino notices his real name very significantly.

José Trinidad Marín wife Jenni Reverie
José Trinidad Marín wife Jenni Reverie

Relationship and Marriage

Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni started seeing each other when they were in high school; at that time, Jenni was 15 years old. They got married in 1984 after he proposed to her. Together, the couple has three kids, Chiquis Rivera, Michael Marin, and Jacqie Campos.

Jenni got pregnant with her first daughter Chiquis at the age of 17 on June 26, 1985, and a few years of their first child, the couple announced the arrival of their second daughter Jacqueline who was born on November 20, 1989. Their third child Michael was born in 1992.

The marriage ended in 1992 as Jose mistreated Jenni and sexually assaulted his sister-in-law and daughters. After the divorce, they both got into a big legal battle for the custody of their kids. The court announced the decision in favor of Rivera, and she got the custody of kids.

Trial and Conviction

Jose assaulted his daughters and sister-in-law Rosie, and this became public after the couple got divorced and Jose was taken in front of the court for the trials. In 2007 he was found guilty of about six to eight crimes, including several lascivious acts with minors, aggravated sexual assault and rape, and mistreating his wife, Jenni.

During the interrogation process, it was also found that Jose even assaulted and sexually molested his staff in the restaurant, which was why he got fired from his job. In front of the court, Jose accepted all the accusations against him and said that he was ashamed of all the heinous and horrifying acts and getting what he deserved.

Moreover, he also said that he would never talk to or face his daughters directly because of the entire thing he has done to them. After finding Jose guilty, the court sentenced him to 31 years in prison.

José Trinidad Marín standing with the lawyer in the court
José Trinidad Marín standing with the lawyer in the court

José Trinidad Marín Family with His Daughters

According to Chiquis, the eldest daughter of Jose and Jenni, her father sexually assaulted her several times between 8 to 12 years of age.

Recalling one such incident during an interview, she said,” I first remember it happening when I was 8 years old. My aunt, I believe, was cooking fish soup, and we were all buried in sand, so my father told me to take a shower.

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He came inside the bathroom while I was nude and put me on his lap. I knew that it pained me at the time, but I didn’t know why, and I was perplexed.

Afterward, he told me not to say anything, which is why I never did. He said he was going to send me to my grandmother’s home, his mother’s, and that I wouldn’t see my mum.

After 20 years, Chiquis says that she has forgiven her father. She said,” I believe that something occurred to him; I am not excusing him; what he did was wrong, but I think that he required or needed treatment.

In 2017 Jacquie Campos, his younger daughter went to meet him in jail, and she even posted a picture of himself along with her father pleading with people, especially her aunt, to forgive him and give him a second chance in life.

Trinidad’s Wife, Jeeni Riviera

José Trinidad Marín was married to famous American singer Jenni Riviera. He met Jenni when they were both teenagers in high school, and further got married in 1984 and had three children: Chiquis, Jacquie, and Michael Rivera, but later got divorced in 1992.

Jenni died in a plane crash on 9th December 2012. The plane was a business flight carrying seven passengers including Jenni and none of them survived. Jenni was just 43 years old at the time of her death.

Facts about Jose Trinidad Marin

  • Jose Trinidad Marin’s nickname is Trino Marin.
  • Currently, he is in jail completing his 31 years of Imprisonment.
  • Trino has a brother but his name is not disclosed yet.
  • His wife, Jenni Rivera plane crashed and she died in 2012.
  • He fell in love with Jenni Rivera when she was only 15 years old.
  • Jose Trinidad, Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, was born in 1964 and is now 56 years old
  • He is said to celebrate his birthday on February 15. Regarding his spouse, Jose Trinidad was wed to singer Jenni Rivera.
  • Trino and his three kids get along well despite the crimes he perpetrated against them. The whole family was there when he was sentenced. He assaulted Chiquis, who later declared she loved her father and pardoned him. Visit this site for additional information. 
  • He has five adorable grandchildren under his care. On the side of his younger daughter, he has 4 grandchildren: Jordan, Jenavieve, Julian Joy, and Jaylah Hope Yanez.
José Trinidad Marín sitting in a courtroom
José Trinidad Marín sitting in a courtroom

Net Worth 

His net worth is not known. Jose Trinidad Marin managed a restaurant, but he was sacked for making unwanted advances toward a staff member. When we have new information, we will update this blog.

Years 2022
Net Worth Around $1 million 
Income Source Restaurant Manager

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The first and the former husband of Jenni Rivera, José Trinidad Marín, is currently in prison. He became famous for sexually harassing his daughter and sister-in-law, Rosie. The whole incident came to notice when the couple divorced. However, he is on healthy terms with his family now.

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Jose Trinidad- FAQs

From where does Trinidad belong to?

Trinidad was born in California, US but his parents bought him up in Mexico. His nationality is Mexican-American, and he has a passport about the same too.

Who is José Trinidad Marín?

Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, Jose Trinidad Marin, also known as Trino Marin, is a well-known American vocalist and songwriter as well as an actress, speaker, and businesswoman. His birthday is February 15, 1964. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he was born in the US. In contrast to Jose Trinidad, Jenni was also a well-known TV producer.

How old is Jose Trinidad Marin?

He is 57 years old and was born in Mexico. He is currently incarcerated for multiple lewd activities with minors, aggravated sexual assault, and harassing minors. The court decided that Trino must serve 31 years in prison.

Is Jose Trinidad Marin married?

Yes, he is married. He was married to Jenni Rivera when she was just 15 years old. But after some years, Jenni admitted that while she was married to Trinidad Marn, she had experienced domestic abuse. He is currently incarcerated for 31 years. Between 1984 and 1992, a period of eight years, he was married to Jenni.

When was Jose Trinidad Marin young?

Jose Trinidad was born on February 15, 1964. In 1984, at just twenty, he married his love, Jenni. Jenni was a fifteen-year-old teenager pursuing schooling during her marriage. Their marriage ended in 1992 when Jose was 26.

What did José Trinidad Marín do to his daughter?

He had sexually assaulted his two daughters when she was between the age of 18 years. His sister-in-law, Rosie, also became his prey. The perpetrator lost his well-paid job due to filthy habits as Jose assaulted one of the staff in his workplace.

Who is José Trinidad Marín’s wife?

Jose Trinidad Marin’s wife is the famous American personality Jenni Rivera, Jenni and he married at a very young age. They were even parents to three kids. However, their marriage did not work out, and they were officially divorced in 1992. Jenni died in a plane crash in 2012.

What year does José Trinidad Marín get out of jail?

Jose received thirty-one years of imprisonment without the possibility of parole. He was also given the charges of 9 felonies. His release schedule still needs to be confirmed.

When did José Trinidad Marín get caught?

Jenni filed a case after she came to know about the rape incident. He raped his daughters and sister-in-law before and after the divorce. She filed a report. He was on the run for nine years. The police arrested him in 2007 and charged him with felonies.

What happened to Jose Trinidad Marin?

Jose was accused of rape. He fled and was on the run for nine years. He even changed his identity and name to conceal his crime. Finally, the cops arrested him in 2007, giving him nine felonies and life imprisonment without any chance of parole.

Where was Jose Trinidad Marin born?

Jose Trinidad was born on February 15, 1964.

How old is Jose Trinidad Marin?

 The present age of Jose Trinidad Marin is 58 years. He married Jenni at the age of twenty.

is Jose Trinidad Marin still alive

José Trinidad Marín is currently serving a thirty-one years prison sentence. He was convicted of sexually offending his daughter and sister-in-law, Rosie. In recent years, his children have forgiven his filthy activities. They are on good terms with him now.

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