Juan López

Mexican drug dealer and entrepreneur, Juan López married his friend Jenni Rivera. He was sent to jail in the case of drug dealing where he died in 2009 due to health complications related to pneumonia. It was all expected before the news of drug dealing came out. This guy is highlighted because of the spotlight on him after that drug case. Well, there is a lot more to know about him, so read below: 

Juan Lopez’s Overview

  • Birth Name: Juan Manuel Lopez Pardo
  • Age: 37
  • Date of Birth: 17 March 1972
  • Place of Birth: Nayarit, Mexico
  • Father: Juan Lopez
  • Mother: Ampelia Pardo
  • Date of Death: July 14, 2009
  • Place of Death: Huntington Park, California, USA
  • Profession: Entrepreneur, Drug Dealer
  • Net Worth: 4 million USD

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Marrying and Getting Separated from Jenni Rivera

  • The American native Juan Lopez was dating Jenni Rivera who was a singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur.
  • She was known for her work in Banda, Mariachi and Norteno styles which were the religional genres of Mexico.
  • Lopez met Rivera at a bar in Los Angeles and the duo started dating each other. They started dating each other in 1995.
  • Soon after, Juan Lopez was sentenced to six months prison for smuggling.
  • After the prison term ended, he got married to Rivera at the age of 25.
  • The couple became parents to a daughter and a son.
  • However, the couple ended their marriage in 2003 after six years of unhappy marriage.

From where did it start?

The couple lived a joyous and ordinary life until Juan Lopez got addicted to drugs. To make more money, he started drug dealing one day and got arrested in California. The government decided to send him to jail for six years, but he died in the second year. 

Death Of Juan Lopez

  • After divorcing his wife Jenni Rivera, Juan Lopez got involved in drug dealing.
  • He was again sentenced to jail in 2007 for selling drugs.
  • In 2009, Lopez died in jail due to pneumonia.
  • Jenni Rivera, in her autobiography, revealed that her husband was unfaithful to her.


Facts about the death of Lopez’s wife, Jenni Rivera

  • In december 2012, while traveling in Learjet 25 with six others, Jenni Rivera died in the air accident after which the plane crashed near Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Just before her death, she performed at Monterrey Arena in Mexico.
  • After her performance, she boarded the plane to reach Toluca, Mexico but in just fifteen minutes the connection to the plane was lost.
  • The ruins of the jet were later found in Iturbide, Nuevo Leon. All the passengers on the plane died.
Juan Lopez's wife Jennie Rivera
Juan Lopez’s wife Jennie Rivera
  • Her remains were buried in Long Beach, California at All Souls Cemetery.
  • During the investigation, it was found that the pilot lost control over the jet.
  • Her named trended on social media for several days, also the news was an international  headline for some weeks.
  • Universal music group mourned her death, also memorials were opened and exhibitions were put up to honor her death.

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Net Worth

The entrepreneur and drug dealer Juan López earned a great amount each month. He earned a significant amount since he was also a baseball teacher and drug dealer. As per the latest reports, his net worth is estimated to be around 4 million USD. Yes, it’s a significant amount. 


It was said that Juan was a very private person. He also loves her wife, Jenni, but suddenly destiny comes between this couple’s love, and they are separated. Drug dealing is Juan’s biggest mistake of his life. He lost everything, his image, his career and his family. 

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Juan Lopez- FAQs

Is Juan Lopez dead or alive?

Lopez died in jail in 2009 due to health complications.

How did Juan Lopez die?

Lopez was sentenced to prison for drug dealing where he died due to pneumonia.

What happened to Jenni Rivera and Juan Lopez?

Lopez was sentenced to jail while his wife Jenni Rivera died in an air accident.

Who is Juan Lopez dating?

There arise no question of dating someone since Lopez died in 2009.

Why is Juan Lopez famous?

Lopez is famous for marrying the singer, songwriter and actress Jenni Rivera.

Where is he from?

Lopez is from Nayarti, Mexico.

Is he married?

He married Jenni Rivera but later took a divorce after six years.

How many children does he have?

Lopez had a son named Johnny and a daughter named Jenicka with his ex-wife Rivera.

What happened to Jenni Rivera ex-husband Juan Lopez?

He was a drug dealer and was sentenced to jail for six years. He died in jail. Some say he died of pneumonia, but some say this is not the actual reason for his death. 

What is Jenni Rivera’s most famous song?

Ya Lo Se, Detras De Mi Ventana, and Culpable O Inocente are some of her famous songs. 

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