Miley Cyrus looks back at her 2008 Vanity Fair cover controversy

In a recent TikTok video, Cyrus shared a few at the back of-the-scenes information about the shoot, however, she no longer said anything that might endorse that there is any new controversy. She stated that her own family became on set, together with her younger sister Noah, who sitting on photographer Annie Leibovitz’s lap and in fact pushing the button of the digital camera. Cyrus additionally stated that this became the first time she had ever worn crimson lipstick.

In 2008, when she was 15 years old, Miley Cyrus regarded topless on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. The image, taken by using renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, brought about a first-rate deal of controversy. Some human beings criticized Cyrus for being too young to pose in one of these revealing manners, at the same time as others accused Vanity Fair of sexualizing a minor.

Cyrus herself apologized for the picture at the time, pronouncing that she had not supposed to motivate any offense. However, she has when you consider that retracted her apology, pronouncing that she became pleased with the photograph and that it changed into a way for her to express her individuality.

The Vanity Fair controversy was a prime turning point in Cyrus’ career. It caused her to be dropped from her Disney Channel display, Hannah Montana, and it also made her a goal of tabloid scrutiny. However, it additionally helped to establish her as a more mature and unbiased artist.

In recent years, Cyrus has spoken brazenly approximately the debate, announcing that she believes it was an essential part of her growth as someone. She has additionally stated that she hopes that the photograph will help other younger women to sense cushty expressing themselves.

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The Vanity Fair controversy is a complicated issue with no easy solutions. However, it’s miles clear that it had an extensive impact on Miley Cyrus’ life and career. It is likewise a reminder of the strength of the media to form public opinion.

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