Neilia Hunter Cause of Death Was The Car Crash

Neilia Hunter Biden was the first wife of Joe Biden, the present president of the United States. Neilia Hunter Cause of Death was a car crash. Biden fell in love with Neilia during their spring break in the Bahamas. Neilia and her three children met with a horrific accident on December 18, 1972. She and her daughter died on the spot d. Her two sons survived with critical injuries. A park on the outskirts of Washington is dedicated to her. During the initial days of her political career, she used to manage all of Biden. In other words, Neilia was the “brains” of the movements. 

A Glimpse Into the Life of Neilia Hunter Biden

Neilia and Joe had some family differences. Neilia’s family was Republican. Initially, her family did not have a liking for the Democratic politician. They both are from different religious backgrounds. Joe is a Catholic, and she is a Presbyterian.

Neilia and Joe Biden fell in love during their spring break. At the time they married, Biden was pursuing law. On the other hand, she had completed her masters in English and started teaching English at Syracuse City Public School. They had three children, four sons, and a daughter: Naomi Christina, Joseph Robinette, and Robert Hunter. 

After their marriage, Biden moved to Wilmington. He was preparing to unseat Senator J. Caleb Boggs from Delaware. According to the News Journal, Neilia Hunter, The First Wife of Joe Biden was the ‘brains’ of the campaign.  

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The Death of Neilia Hunter Biden

Shortly after Joe Biden became the US senator from Delaware, she set for a drive along the rural roads. She was driving the car along with her three kids. They were traveling west along the Hockessin Valley Road, Delaware.

At the intersection of Limestone Road (Delaware Route 7), she moved away from the side in front of a running trailer truck Neilia Hunter Cause of deathThe trailer truck was traveling in the North direction along Route 7.

The police who reached the spot concluded that she somehow missed the vision of the coming truck as she turned her head to the other side. All the victims were taken to the Wilmington General Hospital. The doctor declared Neilia and her daughter dead. The two sons suffered from multiple dangerous injuries, but they survived.       

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Neilia Hunter Cause of Death

December 18, 1972, was the doomsday for Neilia Hunter and her children. According to the police the accident happened around 2:27 p.m. The distance of the intersection from their home was three minutes. So, it is assumed that they set their journey around three minutes before the Neilia hunter cause of death accident happened.

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How Did Joe Biden’s First Wife Die?

Neilia Hunter was once set for a drive with her three kids. They were driving along the Hockessin Village Road. As she pulled up from the track, she confronted a moving trailer that was coming from the north. They all were severely injured. After taking them to the Wilmington General Hospital, she and her daughter were declared dead.

How Neilia Hunter’s Death Affected Biden?

Joe Biden was not present at the accident spot with his wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, and his kids. He received the news from his sister. On hearing the information, he was devastated. Death tormented him. Though he moved on and had a marriage, he still kept his deceased beloved wife and daughter in his heart.

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