Bretman Rock Ab Workout, Net Worth, Age, Height, Sister, Boyfriend, Youtuber

Bretman Rock is a renowned beauty influencer from the Philippines. He is now a common name in glamor and makeup for his sheer talent. Starting his career on Vine and Youtube, he overnight rose to fame with one of his contouring videos. In 2015, the video became viral, and he earned worldwide fame. Since then,

William Syvin and leslie, Biographical, Age, Life style

William Syvin was the husband of the popular convicted murderer Leslie Van Houten. His former wife was also charged with murder related to the Mansion family. The sixty-six-year-old has been a prison inmate for years! Firstly, after she was proven guilty, she faced a death sentence. However, a year later, the whole scenario changed. A

Suzette Quintanilla Wedding: The Legendary Mexican Popstar

The Suzette Quintanilla wedding is the most happening wedding of the 90s Hollywood! Suzette Quintanilla was a renowned pop artist and drummer of the 90’s. At a very young age, she started her singing career at her father’s eatery. She is the sibling of Selena Quintallia, another hit pop star of the 90s.  However, she

Tommy Kono Weightlifting, Records, Family, Death, Facts

Tommy Kono Weightlifting Olympic Style . He enjoyed fame for a decade, 1950-1960. Amazingly, Kono has a world record in four different weight categories! He is a good player and one of the greatest American weightlifters of all time. The era between 1953-1959 was the golden period of his career. His unstoppable energy and ambition

Rishi Sunak Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Green Card, Royal Mint

Rishi Sunak is the new British Prime Minister. He has been serving the office since October 2022. He is the first British Asian and the first Hindu to dominate the world of British politics! Before this role, he served as the Chief Secretary of the Treasury (2019-2020) and the Chancellor of the Exchequer (2020-2022). He

Claude Cahun Gender, Art, Age, Cause of Death, Book, Wiki, Social Life

When we talk about global surrealist photographers, Claude Cahun is a popular name! Her birth name was Lucy Renee Mathilde Schwob. Later she adopted the pseudonym Cahun. Her surrealist photography skills are breathtaking. However, she was more famous for her self-portrait and writing skills. Her works questioned the existing stereotypical condition of the society and

Martin Short Biography, Net worth, Age, Wife, Movies and Tv Shows

Martin Short is an American actor and comedian. He has been successfully playing the role of a comedian in both television and movies. A veterinary and ever-youthful personality who has rocked the popular Canadian sitcom ‘SCTV’. His astounding performances have floored his fans several times. Short is a Canadian. He debuted in his native land

Marilyn Monroe, Death, Funeral, Spouse, Net worth, Family, Facts

Marilyn Monroe is one the most long-running star in Hollywood. But her acting career is so short as she died at 33. She is an American Actress and female comedian. Marilyn Monroe gains popularity through ‘blonde bombshell’. She is also known for her work in the movie How to Marry a Millionaire and songs like

Xi Jinping, Age, Height, Wife, Chinese President, Net Worth

Xi Jinping is a politician and government official in China and the president of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). He belongs to the communist party and served as general secretary. He has been the chairman of the Central Military commission since the year 2012. Also, he has been the president of the Famous People‘s