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Patrizia Reggiani was a former Italian criminal who was convicted and a Socialite at that time her daughter’s name is Allegra And Alessandra Gucci, with a net worth of $10 Million. She was found guilty in a well-publicized trial for hiring a hitman to murder her husband of a while, Maurizio Gucci. The 75-year-old Patrizia has recently become famous for the 2021 film, House of Gucci. Her height is 5 feet 0 inches. She was nicknamed “Black Widow” by the media during her high-profile trial.


Name Patrizia Reggiani
Also Known as Black widow
Date of Birth December 2, 1948
Place of Birth Vignola, Province of Modena, in Northern Italy.
Current Residence Italy
Nationality Italian
Profession Former Socialite,  Criminal
Net Worth $10 Million
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Ex Husband Ex-Husband of Maurizio Gucci
Children Alessandra Gucci and Allegra Gucci
Patrizia Reggiani Parents Silvana Barbieri and Ferdinando Reggiani

Patrizia Reggiani Age and Height

Patrizia Reggiani walking with her friend and wearing a blur dress
Patrizia Reggiani walking with her friend and wearing a blue dress
Age 75
Height 5 feet 0 Inches
Weight 149 lbs(68 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black

Patrizia Reggiani was born on December 2, 1948. She has a height of 5 feet 0 inches. She is 75 years old and weighs around 149 lbs (68kg). She has brown hair and black eyes.

Patrizia Reggiani Family, Early Life

Patrizia Reggiani wearing a black and pink dress and gives a side look
Patrizia Reggiani wearing a black and pink dress and gives a side look

Gucci’s father, Rodolfo Gucci, initially opposed their relationship, since he believed that Patrizia is “a social climber who had money in mind,” but later he did gift them the most luxurious penthouse located in the Olympic Tower.

Patrizia was keen to become acquainted with the exclusive social circles. She is a regular visitor to attend fashion events and social gatherings. Within a short period, she was part of an extremely elite group.

In the course of the marriage ceremony, she gave birth to two daughters. Alessandra, as well as Allegra, was born in the years 1977 as well as 1981 respectively. The couple relocated to Milan around 1982

In 1985 Maurizio traveled to Florence on a business trip. However, after a couple of days, his colleague met Patrizia and told her that their marriage never existed, and they would never come back.

In the year 1990, it was evident she was aware Maurizio is currently dating Paola Franchi It was a real breaking point for her, at the time she was enraged and jealous.

In 1994, when the couple declared their divorce the couple received a large sum of 1.47 million dollars per year Patrizia was paid by Maurizio as a support amount. 

Patrizia Reggiani Today

Patrizia Reggiani sitting on the sofa and wearing a black dress
Patrizia Reggiani sitting on the sofa and wearing a black dress

Patrizia has been sentenced to 29 years in prison (26 years upon appeal) however she was released to her freedom after 18 years for good conduct. Her early release was contingent on her finding a job which she was unable to understand when parole was first provided to her.

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She is currently a consultant to the jewelry industry for Bozart, a Milanese company Bozart. In their time with each other, Patrizia had 2 daughters that she named Alessandra as well as Allegra Gucci.

The girls were fighting for Patrizia in her trial and believed that they were the mother was innocent when she claimed that she was innocent. After she was released, after being inquired about her role in the murder she made a few indirect remarks confessing to the crime.

Patrizia Reggiani Now

Patrizia Reggiani stands side the Christmas tree while wearing a black dress
Patrizia Reggiani stands side the Christmas tree while wearing a black dress

In the course of her parole agreement, Patrizia was employed by Bozart, a costume jewelry company located in Milan as a “design consultant“. A few days later, as she arrived at her job, Patrizia was interviewed by an Italian news channel at her workplace.

In terms of her work, Patrizia told in 2016 that the majority of her time is spent consulting with Bogart’s design team as well as going through magazines on fashion.

When she first joined, Patrizia, who generated publicity for the business, was instrumental in helping in the creation of a line of rainbow-colored evening bags and jewelry inspired by her macaw pet, Bo. 

The company held a public launch in Milan in September 2014 to launch the collection. But it happened on the exact day Gucci was hosting a runway show on the street. The next day, there was nothing in the press concerning the collection of Patrizia.”

Patrizia Reggiani Maurizio Gucci

Patrizia Reggiani sitting with her husband Maurizio Gucci and wearing a black dress
Patrizia Reggiani sitting with her husband Maurizio Gucci and wearing a black dress

Patrizia was a young woman of 22 when she met Maurizio Gucci who was the founder of the Gucci clothing company, during a celebration in 1970. The couple tied the knot and relocated to New York On October 28, 1972, 

Patrizia began to be very active with social circles in New York City, attending events, parties, and fashion shows. She had two daughters. Alessandra Gucci had her birth in the year 1977 and Allegra Gucci was born in the year 1981.

The couple divorced in 1982. Patrizia along with Maurizio returned in 1982 to Milan. When they returned in 1985 Gucci informed her that he would be on a short journey for business in Florence. 

The next day, he wrote an acquaintance to inform Patrizia she was not returning, and that their union was over. In the year 1991, Maurizio began dating Paola Franchi, which sparked feelings of jealousy and resentment in Patrizia. 

When she divorced in 1994, she was officially divorced from Gucci. In an agreement for divorce, Gucci was obligated to give Patrizia each year amount of alimony for $1.47 million

Patrizia Reggiani Daughters

Before Patrizia Reggiani’s and Maurizio’s separation in the year 1991, The pair had twin daughters, Allegra And Alessandra Gucci. They were born in 1977. Alessandra is the oldest of the couple’s 2 children. Allegra was born the following year, in 1981

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While the sisters were very close to their mother throughout their growing up, as they grew older their relationship took an unfavorable turn. In an interview in 2016, Reggiani admitted that her daughters have cut all ties with her.

Allegra and Alessandra attempted to stop their mother from receiving an annuity from the estate of Maurizio and brought the matter to court. Patrizia won and, as a result of that, she receives $1.47 million per year through her Gucci estate.

As of now, Allegra and Alessandra are currently married with kids and are living in Switzerland. According to various sources, they’re extremely rich following the inheritance of their father’s fortune, believed to be valued at $400 million

Patrizia Reggiani Career

Patrizia Reggiani sitting on the sofa and wearing a color-full dress
Patrizia Reggiani sitting on the sofa and wearing a color-full dress

This hostility was the catalyst for the plot to eliminate Maurizio Gucci. On the 27th of March, 1995, he was shot dead. A hitman shot him after the office he worked in. Until 1997, 31 January. Along with the hitman Patrizia as well as two other individuals were detained. 

Her sentence included 29 years of jail however, following an appeal, her sentence, was reduced to 26 years. After 18 years of good conduct, she was granted parole in October 2016. Patrizia was hired by Bozart which is a costume jewelry business based in Milan as a design consultant. 

Despite her divorce settlement, Reggiani has claimed she is a “person with nothing“. In addition to these assets, she earned a substantial amount of money from films that tell her story. Two projects are in the works “House of Gucci” (2021) and “Lady Gucci” (2021). 

The film also became famous because Lady Gaga was playing Patrizia Reggiani’s character opposite Adam Driver. Patrizia said she was a fan of Lady Gaga portraying her.

Patrizia Reggiani 2021

In the course of the parole contract, Patrizia was employed to work for Bozart which is a company that produces Costume jewelry in Milan as”design” design consultant “design consultant

She can earn a significant sum of money from films about her tale. Two films are in development “House of Gucci” (2021) and “Lady Gucci” (2021). House of Gucci was the result of Patrizia and the wedding of Maurizio. His wife later directed the crime.

Patrizia Reggiani Net Worth

Patrizia Reggiani walking on the street and wearing a black dress
Patrizia Reggiani walking on the street and wearing a black dress

She was an Italian ex-convicted criminal and socialite As of 2023, Patrizia Reggiani Net Worth is 10 Million Dollars. Gucci has agreed to give Patrizia the amount of alimony per year payment of $1.47 Million In the divorce settlement. 

Patrizia was rich throughout her life and lived in luxurious houses that she owned in Milan, San Moritz, and New York City. Patrizia also received an adequate amount of inheritance when her stepfather Fernando Reggiani, passed away. He was a wealthy businessman.

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Patrizia Reggiani Net Worth 10 Million Dollars
Yearly Income $1.47 Million


Patrizia Martinelli was born an Italian native of Vignola, Modena. She did not meet or know her father’s biological family. Her mother married Ferdinando Reggiani. He was a famous and powerful businessman. She was later adopted by Ferdinando at the age of 12. In 1994, both couples announced their divorce, they announced their separation. Because of her divorce, she was no longer allowed to utilize Gucci as her name, however, she still used the name.

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Patrizia Reggiani – FAQ’s

Where is Patrizia Reggiani now?

She has been released as a woman after 2 years of parole thanks to her good conduct. Patrizia remains alive to this day and continues to speak about the incident that put her in jail for more than two decades. Patrizia has been employed by Bozart which is a costume jewelry firm based in Milan as an expert in design.

How did Patrizia Reggiani get caught?

Patrizia’s arrest occurred from an anonymous tip made to police in January. According to the prosecutors, Patrizia – who was dubbed”Black Widow” in the media – had a motive to murder her husband due to the jealousy and resentment that she held towards him at the moment.

When was Patrizia Reggiani released?

In October 2011, she became eligible for parole under a work-release program but refused, saying, With credit for good behavior, she was released in October 2016, after 18 years in prison.

who is Patrizia Reggiani?

She was an Italian criminal who was sentenced and was a Socialite. Her conviction was affirmed by the well-publicized trial in which she was accused of hiring a hitman for the murder of her husband of a few years, Maurizio Gucci.

How old is Patrizia Reggiani?

Patrizia Reggiani was born on December 2, 1948. She was an Italian criminal, who was found guilty and was a Socialite. She is 75 years old and is now famous due to the film 2021, in House of Gucci.

When did Patrizia Reggiani get out of jail?

In October, she was eligible for parole under a work-release program, but she declined in a statement that read, In recognition of her good behavior, she was granted parole in October 2016 after spending 18 years of prison.

Why did Patrizia Reggiani kill Maurizio Gucci?

On the 31st of January, 1997 Patrizia has been detained and was accused of hiring the hitman responsible for killing Gucci. The trial attracted a lot of media attention, with local media calling it “Black Widow “. According to the prosecution, Patrizia’s motive was a mix of money, jealousy, and anger toward her husband.

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