Selena Quintanilla Funeral: Husband, Makeup, Pictures, Vestuario

The fans of Selena Quintanilla Funeral often called their iconic singer the Mexican Madonna. Since her childhood days, she has sung at various events. Her brother Abraham and sister Suzette Quintanilla were also singers. The three siblings formed a band to earn their livelihood. A famous personality discovered her talent and her singing career took a glamorous twist.

At the peak of her singing career, her songs even topped the Mexican chartbusters. In her career as an Artist, she worked with Grammy-winning composers and was likely to step into Hollywood. Selena’s luck did not favor her, and she died at 23!

How Did Selena Quintanilla Die? 

Selena Quintanilla’s father made one of her biggest fans her manager. Her name was Yolanda Saldivar. As her manager, she had significant responsibilities, like monitoring Selena’s fan club and boutiques.

Her misdeeds came to the notice of the singer when one of her fans complained that she did not receive any gift in return for her fan club subscription. 

Selena Quintanilla Funeral
The Funeral of Selena Quintanilla

Yolanda was embezzling money and forging checks. So, Selena Quintanilla funeral and her family were agitated by her deeds. She decided to fire her. On handing over the final documents, her manager fired a bullet. Selena died due to excessive bleeding.

The Funeral of Selena Quintanilla

On April 1, A vigil was held in favor of Selena Quintanilla. Around three thousand fans visited her. On the following day, her casket was kept at the Bayfront Auditorium. The fans had the last glimpse of Selena Quintanilla’s Funeral. The queue stretched for a mile. Before opening the casket, a rumor was circulating that the coffin was empty. 

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Her family decided to do an open casket viewing for the fans. Around 40,000 fans passed by the casket, bidding farewell to their favorite star. Flowers and condolences started pouring in. Her family requested a ban on photography and making videos of her last journey.

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Selena Quintanilla Funeral – FAQ’s

What Did Selena Wear In Her Coffin?

Selena wore an iconic purple outfit on the day of her funeral. Her mother designed this dazzling outfit. A month earlier before her murder, she wore it to The Fame Music Awards. It was a flared pants suit along with a kind of buffalo jacket. The outfit is now displayed at the Selena museum in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Where Was Selena Quintanilla’s Funeral?

Her funeral was held on April 3, 1995, with 600 guests. Among the guests, mostly family members were present. The burial was held at the Seaside Memorial Park in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her funeral ceremony was aired live from the San Antonio and Corpus Christi radio station. However, her family was unaware of the broadcasting.

How Did Selena Die?

Selena’s manager Yolanda Saldivar betrayed her. She took Selena to the hotel room of Corpus Christi to hand over the final business document. It was the last day of her management, as Selena had already fired her. Yolanda took a gun from her purse and fired a bullet at Selena. She died a few minutes later on the spot.

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