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We all are aware of the Manson family! Susan Atkins is one of the members of the Manson family. She was the murderer of nine people at four various locations in California. She was arrested as she was suspected of eight killings. Susan was also involved in the 1969 Tate murders. She was the longest-serving female prisoner of California’s correctional home. She is a mother of one. As per her husband, James Whitehouse, her last word before death was “Amen“.

Charged with first-degree murder, Susan Atkins was a Criminal, involved in the murder of Sharon Tate, Gary Hinman, Abigail Folger, Stephen Parent, Wojciech Frykowski, and Jay Sebring. She was given life imprisonment along with others involved in the murder.

Susan Atkins’ Overview

Birth Name Susan Denise Atkins
Age 61
Date of Birth May 7, 1948
Place of Birth San Gabriel, California, US
Date of Death September 24, 2009
Place of Death Chowchilla, California, US
Nationality American
Occupation Writer, Criminal, Murder
Net Worth $11 Million
Father Edward John Atkins
Mother Jeanne Atkins
Spouse Donald Lee (1981-82), James Whitehouse (1987 onwards)
Children 1

Susan Atkins Age and Height

Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight Not Known
Age 61 Years
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Not Known
Susan Atkins with Lawyer in the Blackinwhite Picture
Susan Atkins with Lawyer in the Blackinwhite Picture

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Early Life

He was an English, Scottish, German, and Irish descendant. Her parents, Jeanne and Edward John Atkins were alcoholics. She was the second child of the couple. Later in an interview, she revealed that one of her male relatives abused her sexually.

Susan’s mother died in 1964 due to cancer after which her life was completely disrupted for almost three years. Edward along with Susan and her younger brother Steven moved to Los Banos, California.

After finding work on a construction project, he left the children to fend for themselves.
While Susan was in her junior year in school, she started working to support herself and her brother.

Susan Atkins Son

She got pregnant with the child of Bruce White. Bruce had a short stay with the Mansons. She named the son Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz. After her conviction, the child was adopted. Till her death, she did not have any contact with her son.

Manson Family

The cult leader Charles Manson led the gang Manson Family. The gang was basically involved in anti-social activities like theft, robbery, and murder. When Atkin became homeless, Charles gave her shelter.

The cult leader also made Susan Atkin one of their members. In fact, all the murders Susan was involved in were under the supervision of Charles.


He had a viral picture of her mugshot. The California prison had taken the mugshot in February 2001. The purpose of the mugshot is to keep a record of the criminal with the police. The photo only covers the face.

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Atkins’ Meeting with Manson

In 1967 when Susan was 19, she met Manson when he was playing the guitar in the house she was living in with friends. After a few weeks, the house was raided by the police and she was left homeless.

Manson invited her to join his group, who were going on a road trip in a bus painted with black color and was named “Sadie Mae Glutz” by Manson and one of his friends who was making fake IDs for her.

The “Manson Family” settled in the San Fernando Valley of South California

In 1968, Susan Atkins bore Bruce White’s son, however, her parental rights were terminated after she was found guilty of murder. Her son was later adopted and renamed and she lost contact with him.

Susan Atkins walking with the Police.
Susan Atkins walking with the Police.

Murder of Gary Hinman, Sharon Tate, and LaBiance by Susan Atkins

In 1969 summers, Manson along with the “Manson Family” caught the attention of the police who were suspecting them of auto thefts and underage runaways. Also to get money to shift to the desert, Manson started drug dealing and due to the fear of Black Panthers, he pressurized his followers to donate more money.

Meanwhile, a member of the family suggested to him that the family acquaintance Gary Hinman has inherited a large amount. He thought that he can join the commune and contribute money.

To persuade Hinman, Atkins, Mary Brunner, and Bobby were sent to his house in July 1969. After Hinman said that he had not inherited money then Bobby beat him, Manson also showed up and swung his head with a sword, sliced his face, and cut his ear.

After two days, Bobby got Hinman’s sign over the registration of his vehicles and again stabbed him.
In August 1969, Bobby was arrested after he was found sleeping in Hinman’s car along with the murder weapon in the car’s trunk.

In August 1969, Manson along with Atkins, Patricia, and Linda killed people in the house and get money from them. Again in the same month,  Susan Atkins was involved in the murder of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca along with Manson, Watson, Kasabian, and Krenwinkel.

Susan Atkins holding by the Police and wearing a pink top
Susan Atkins holding by the Police and wearing a pink top

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Motivation behind murders

During prosecution, Atkins stated that Sharon Tate and Labianca’s murders were done to mislead the police and convince authorities that Bobby was the wrong suspect.

However, after a few years, Vincent Bugliosi stated all the murders were carried out in desperation and to benefit Manson.

Arrest and Jailhouse Confession

In August 1969, Spahn Ranch was raided for auto thefts, however, everyone was released after some time. Soon, Manson along with his followers left for Barker Ranch where they were again raided in October 1969 and everyone was arrested for auto thefts.

Just after this, one of the members of the group confessed Atkins’s participation in the Hinman murder and she was booked for the same. In her jail term, Atkins confessed to Virginia Graham and Veronica

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Howard, her involvement in the murders of Tate and LaBianca and they reported this to the authorities.
Later, Atkins appeared before the grand jury in which she provided remarkable details related to Tate’s murder.

    Tate and LaBianca Trail

    Atkins along with Manson, Van Houten, and Krenwinkel went on trial in June 1970.
    During the trial, Atkins confessed that she stabbed Tate.

    Her claims were often contradictory and she and her co-defendants disrupted the proceedings several times.

    All of them were given a death sentence on March 29, 1971. Atkins was kept on the new women’s death row in California in April 1971.

    Susan Atkins's Son Paul giving an interview to the media
    Susan Atkins’s Son Paul giving an interview to the media

    Hinman Case Trial

    Atkins was again involved in the Hinman murder case. Initially, she stated that she was unaware that Hinman is to be robbed and then killed.

    However, she contradicted her statement in her autobiography which came out in 1977.

    Life Imprisonment of Susan Atkins

    On 23 April 1971, Atkins’ came to death row in California for a death sentence.
    In the following year, Atkins’ death sentence was reversed to life imprisonment by California Supreme Court.

    During her life imprisonment, she was actively involved in teaching classes and other prison programs.
    Atkins also assisted during health emergencies for which she also received commendations.

    While in prison in 1981, Susan Atkins married Donald Lee. Atkins was his 35th The couple got separated in 1982 when Lee married another woman. In 1987, Atkins got married to James Whitehouse, who was her junior.

    In 2002, she discouraged teenagers from joining the Manson group. During her 17th parole hearing in June 2005, her attorney, Eric Lampel, issued a statement about her deteriorating health condition stating that she is paralyzed on one side and could not sit without assistance.

    The hearing was conducted in the presence of the victim’s family members, including Tate’s sister and the Sebring family.

    Her request for parole was denied for the next four years. In 2008, Atkins was in the hospital for about a month with an undisclosed illness that was later said to be terminal brain cancer, also one of her legs was amputated.

    Release Hearing

    In July 2008, a hearing was conducted for the request release of Susan Atkins. During the hearing, pleas and statements came from the supporters and opponents of Susan Atkins.

    Debra Tate, Pam Turner, and Anthony DiMaria plead in opposition while Gloria Killian, director of the Action Committee for Women in Prison spoke in her support. At the end of the hearing, Susan’s parole was denied for the 13th

    Susan Atkins was in the hospital at the last moment with the police
    Susan Atkins was in the hospital at the last moment with the police

    Susan Atkins Death

    On 24 September 2009, Susan Atkins died at Central California Women’s facility located in Chowchilla. The spokesperson of the prison informed the reporters that she died a natural death at the age of 61.

    In a statement, James Whitehouse stated that the last word she whispered was ‘Amen’.

    Susan and her son standing in front of the media
    Susan and her son standing in front of the media

    Media Portrayals of Susan Atkins

    Several movies and series were released on Susan Atkins’s life. In the 1976 movie, Helter Skelter, Nancy Wolfe portrayed Atkins’s role.

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    In ‘The Manson Family’ released in 2003, she was portrayed by Maureen Allissa. From 2009 to 2019, numerous movies were released about her life.

    Net Worth

    The net worth of Susan Atkins is $ 1.5 million. His net worth is calculated based on his Richest Criminal & listed as the most popular Criminal.

    Years 2009
    Net Worth Around $1.5 Million 
    Income Source Killer, Murder

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    A valuable member of the Manson family, Atkins was involved in nine murders. A mother of one, Susan Atkins used to treat Charles as her godfather. She was given a death sentence which later changed to life imprisonment. She breathed her last in the California correctional home.

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    Susan Atkins – FAQ’s

    What happened to Susan Atkins?

    Susan Atkins was paralyzed and also suffered from brain cancer. She died in September 2009 at a Women’s facility.

    How old is Susan Atkins?

    Born in 1948, Susan Atkins died at an age of 61.

    What did Susan Atkins do to Sharon Tate?

    Sharon Tate was murdered by Atkins during pregnancy.

    Is Susan Atkins of the Manson family still alive?

    No, Sue Atkins died on September 29, 2001, at the age of 61. she died a natural death while serving her life imprisonment.

    Who is Susan Atkins?

    Susan Atkins was one of the trusted members of the Manson family gang. She was arrested for nine murders. The Supreme Court changed her death penalty to a life sentence. She was the longest female prisoner in California correctional home. Her godfather was Charles Manson.

    How did Susan Atkins die?

    The cause of Susan’s death was natural. She died on September 24, 2009, in a California correctional home. The prison spokesperson announced her death. The California women’s correctional facility in Chowchilla. 

    Is Susan Atkins married?

    Susan Atkins had two marriages. She married Donald Lee Laisure in 1981. They separated a year later, in 1982. James Whitehouse became a fan of Susan after reading her books. He sent a prison mail to Susan. The duo remained married till the last day of her life. 

    What is Susan Atkins’s net worth?

    Before her death, Susan had a net worth of $ 1-2 million. Her main source of earnings was from criminal activities. 

    How tall is Susan Atkins?

    Susan Atkins is 1.68 meters or 5 feet 2 inches.

    What happened to Susan Atkins’ son?

    Susan Atkin got pregnant with the child of Bruce White. Bruce had a short stay with the Mansons. She named the son Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz. After her conviction, the child was adopted. Till her death, she did not have any contact with her son.

    Who is Susan Atkins dating?

    Susan Atkins dated several men, including Bruce White and Donald Lee Laisure. She even married David, but their marriage lasted for a year.

    Who did Susan Atkins try to kill to keep quiet?

    Susan Atkins boasted to her fellow prisoners that she had murdered Sharon Tate while trying to keep her quiet. She also claimed to have tasted her blood after the murder.

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