Jayden Siwa

The social media star and a baseball player, Jayden Siwa, is more known as the family of Jojo Siwa. the dancer. He is popular on social platforms and YouTuber.

Who did Jayden Siwa date?

He was dating Lily Kate Cole, however, As of 2022, Jayden Siwa's is not dating anyone. and he is totally single now !!

 JoJo and Jayden twins?

The brother and sister are not twins. Jayden is older than JoJo Siwa. JoJo turns 18 in May 20201, and her older brother Jayden Siwa, turns 21 during the same month.

Net Worth

Jayden Siwa net worth or net income is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars

Jayden Siwa most popular viewed video ?

Made me cry !!

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