Mary Austin is a popular British Celebrity better known as the ex-girlfriend of Late of the British rock-star Freddie Mercury. 

Mary Austin

Why didn’t Freddie Mercury marry Mary Austin?     

Austin&Mercury were engaged, but when Mercury came out to her as bisexual after she originally believed he had been having an affair with another woman.

How did Mary Austin meet Freddie Mercury?

Mary met Freddie through her ex-boyfriend Brian May when he was starting a band, and he introduced her to the bar and Freddie Mercury group’s lead singer.

Is Mary Austin still alive?

Yes, she is alive and lives in the West London mansion. Actress Lucy Boynton portrays Mary, one of the key characters in the film Bohemian Rhapsody.

Who are the children of Mary Austin and Piers Cameron?

Richard Frederick and Jamie Alistair are the children of Mary Austin and Piers Cameron.

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