Who is Neilia Hunter ?

How she died in an accident?

Does Neilia hunter use social media or not?

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Did she support Joe Biden in the campaign ??

Neilia Hunter was an American teacher and Joe Biden's first wife, neilia was born on July 28 1942 and she has 3 children. !!

At the intersection of limestone road, Neilia drove on the tractor-trailer lane and she was stuck with a truck and 1-year daughter also died in the same accident !!

Neilia Hunter wasn't using any of the social media sites. she was essentially leading a typical life as a teacher and a housewife !!

The couple moved to Wilmington, where Biden worked as lawyer in the New Castle County Council. From there, he campaigned to unseat J. Caleb Boggs in the U.S. Neilia was the "brains" of his campaign.