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William Syvin was the husband of the popular convicted murderer Leslie Van Houten. His former wife was also charged with murder related to the Mansion family. The 66-year-old has been a prison inmate for years! Firstly, after she was proven guilty, she faced a death sentence. However, a year later, the whole scenario changed. A year later, the whole scenario changed, as her death sentence was changed to life imprisonment.

Important Highlights About William Syvin:

Name William Syvin 
Gender Male
Marriage Leslie van Houten (Aug 23 1982)
Wife Leslie van Houten
Birth Aug 23, 1949

She was the prime accused of the 1969 murder of Leno La Blanca and Rosemary, his wife. As per the reports, Leno’s 20th parole will be lucky for her. Before this, all the 19 paroles were against the ex-wife of William Syvin, Leno Blanca. She has been a prison inmate since December 1969. In the trial of 1978, the final sentence was declared after three trials.


She has spent 47 years in jail till now. Her family was middle-class from Southern California. The other two adopted siblings of Leno were Korean. She is the second among the four, as she has an elder brother. In her teenage days, she eloped with her then-boyfriend in the San Francisco neighborhood and also started taking drugs.

Her marriage with William Syvin lasted for just two months. The couple got separated on October 26, 1982. Before her marriage, she met Charles, a member of the Mansion family. Her infatuation with the family made her stick after that. Charles Mansion was the mastermind of some heinous crimes, and she was the youngest of all the criminals.

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The Life Story of William Syvin

William Syvin, Leslie’s former husband, was also her fellow convict. His name came up in the murder of the actress Sharon Tate (murder a day before the Blanca’s). The other name of William is Bill Cygwin. His marriage to Leslie lasted from August to October 1982.

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Their couple’s story was aggressively used in the hearing of every parole. Both these fellow convicts were permitted correspondence in 1981. After his release, he started paying a visit to his ex-wife. Eventually, they again got married in a small ceremony within the prison.

They were allowed to have conjugal visits. Leslie was completely unaware of the prison-breaking plan of Syvin. Even the police discovered a uniform of a prison matron in the apartment. Since this incident, Leslie has cut all sorts of contact with him. No prosecutors took her name in this master plan of prison escape. However, we believe she did not judge it right.

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William Syvin FAQs

How long were William Syvin and Leslie Van Houten married?

Their marriage history is long and unique. They were married in a small intimate ceremony in prison. The couple decided to part ways following the prison escaping incidents in October 1982, two months post-marriage. Though Leslie was not involved, she cut all ties with her husband after the incident came into the limelight.

Who is William Syvin’s Wife?

Leslie Van Houten was the wife of William Syvin. Leslie was the youngest member of the famous Mansion family. The family was famous for committing some heinous crimes. She had several murder charges against her. However, she was arrested primarily for the murder of Leno La Blanca and his wife, Rosemary.

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