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Xi Jinping was appointed general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012 and was elected president of China in 2013. He is currently 69 years old and 1.8m tall. his daughter’s name is Xi Mingze, The sole child of Chinese President Xi Jinping is Xi Mingze. He also serves as Chairman of the Central Navy Fee and Basic Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. Xi is known and respected for his righteousness even if the party is named in scandals. As the uppermost leader of the CPC, Xi regularly works toward the betterment of the country and its people. However, he is criticized for human rights violations and unruly economic regulations. 


Birth name Xi Jinping
Age 69
Birth date 15 June
Birthplace Beijing, China 
Nationality Chinese
Profession Politician, a chemical engineer
Net worth $1.2 Billion
Mother Qi Xin 
Father Xi Zhingxun
Siblings Xi Yuanping, Xi Anan, Xi Hengping
Spouse Peng Liyuan(m. 1987),Ke Lingling(m. 19791982)
Children Xi Mingze (daughter)

Xi Jinping Age and Height

Xi Jinping is sitting on the chair in the cabin and wears a blue suit
Xi Jinping is sitting on the chair in the cabin and wears a blue suit
Height 1.8 m, 5 feet 10 inches, 180 cm
Weight 65 kg, 143 pounds
Hair Color Silver streaks
Eye Color Black

Personal Life

Xi Jinping holding a glasss in his hand and wears a black suit
Xi Jinping holding a glass in his hand and wears a black suit

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Marriage ‘N’ Children

Xi Jinping’s wife Peng is a folk singer, and currently, she is the major general in China’s People’s Liberation Army. They both met in 1986 when Xi Jinping was a mid-ranking official of a communist party. They got married in 1987.

He was earlier married to Ke Lingling in 1979. Due to the two’s philosophical differences, they divorced in 1982. He had no children with Ke Lingling.

However, he has one daughter from the second marriage. Xi Mingze is the only child of Xi Jinping and Pang. His daughter is a psychology student and volunteered many times in disaster relief management in Hangman.

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Xi Jinping Kim Jong un

Amid North Korea conducting unprecedented missile launches, Xi sends Kim a message. Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that China would be willing to collaborate with North Korea for regional and international peace, stability, and prosperity.

Following joint military drills between South Korea and the United States, North Korea recently launched missiles that have increased tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Chinese president xi Jinping

Xi Jinping, who took over as president in March 2013 after Hu Jintao, is the current leader. In March 2018, he won reelection. The father of Xi Jinping was Xi Zhongxun, a former deputy prime minister of China and early Mao Zedong comrade.

He is the first populist president of China, and the ordinary people adore him. His coworkers frequently praise him for being diligent and honest.

Entry ‘N’ Ascension Into CCP

Xi completed his studies in chemical engineering. Afterward, he worked as Geng Biao’s secretary for three consecutive years. He resigned from this post in 1982 to become deputy secretary for CCP.

He continued working as a deputy secretary in the CCP (communist party of China) until 1995 when he got promoted to deputy provincial party secretary. Xi became the successor of Hu Jintao.

He kept on working on improving international relationships. Later on, he got elected as vice president in 2008. He was elected twice as vice president. In 2013, he became the president of the National People’s Congress.

Career Highlights

Xi Jinping sitting in the cabin while wearing a black suit
Xi Jinping sitting in the cabin while wearing a black suit

 Xi Jinping Career saw a hike in 1990 when he became the president of Fuzhou Municipal Party School.

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In 1974, he began his political career as an aide to Geng Biao. Geng was a top leader of the “People’s Liberation Army.” In the Hebei province of China, he served three years as the party secretary. 

In 1985, he was transferred to Fujjan and took up various positions, including the designation of deputy mayor of Xiamen. 

 In 1987, Xi moved to Ningde. There he served as a district party chief. 

In 2000, he was elected to the 16th central committee. He took steps to eradicate the corrupt officials. He moved to the province of Zhejiang in 2003, serving as governor and party secretary.

In 2006, he started working to achieve unity in the local party organization. Due to this initiative, he became party chief in Shanghai.

In 2007, he was chosen to lead the party in Shanghai. This decision was made based on his reputed integrity in the aftermath of the scandal. 

In 2008, he was named n the ‘Standing Committee of the Communist Party and shortly thereafter-vice president of the PRC. 

Later in 2012, he assumed the most powerful position in China, the post of general secretary of the ‘Central Committee of the Communist Party.’ Xi was elected president of the People’s Republic of China this year. Since then, he has been the super leader of China. Between 2012-2017, he worked as a Secretary-General of the CPC. 

In 2018, he became the chairman of the Central Military Commission of the PRC. Between 2013 and 2018, he became the People’s Government People’s Republic of China President.

In 2021, Xi’s power and influence were bolstered when CCP passed a historical resolution in November that reviewed the party’s significant achievements and historical experience over the past 100 years.  

In 2023, the NPC supportably elected Xi for a second term as President of the country in March. 

Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh/xi Jinping Pooh

Xi Jinping sitting in a chair while wearing a black suit
Xi Jinping sitting in a chair while wearing a black suit

As a result of Winnie Pooh’s likeness to Xi Jinping, the leader of the second-largest economy in the world, the cartoon bear was expelled from China, and his films, TV shows, and plush toys were all outlawed.

Around 2013, when Xi Jinping returned from an official visit to the United States with a twin named Pooh, the Chinese president earned the moniker “Pooh.”

The meme went viral, and the following year, a picture of Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan, gave the media a fun day.

Childhood ‘N’ Family

Chinese President Xi Jinping was born on 15 June 1953 in Beijing, China. He belonged to a clan of politicians. His father, Xi Zhongxun, was the vice chairman of the National People’s Congress. His mother, Qi Xin is a Chinese author.

Currently, she is known as the paramount leader of the Chinese communist party. He has two elder sisters, Qiaoqiao and An’an.

Early Life’ N’ Education

Xi Jinping sitting in a chair while wearing a black suit and gives a interview to media
Xi Jinping sitting in a chair while wearing a black suit and gives an interview to the media

Xi studied at a school in Beijing. When he was 10, his father was detained from CCP, and he started working in a factory. Later cultural revolution disrupted his secondary education. The cultural revolution drastically impacted his family.

One of his sisters lost her life in it. Therefore, he was sent to a village, where he escaped to Beijing. He was a chemical engineering student who completed it in 1979 at Tsinghua University. He has done his Ph.D. in Marxist philosophy.

The cultural revolution took a toll on his family life. His mother was forced to leave his father as he represented himself as an enemy in the wheel. These mishappening deeply impacted his take on politics. He took politics not as glory or power but as something hot and cold.

Action Taken By Xi Jinping 

In his at least five more years of control, he has taken many actions that have gained recognition universally. Some of them are:  

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He emphasizes reducing social inequities. He promotes social fairness and justice. This action of Xi made Chinese tech mega firms like Tencent and Alibaba donate billions of dollars to joint prosperity initiatives. 

Xi signed the Zero-Covid strategy that saved many lives. But citizens of China got furious due to the mass lockdown and unemployment. 

He strictly controlled those projects that consumed a large amount of energy and were big polluters. He has also taken steps and enforce a total ban on imported garbage. In his third term, he was promoted to top leadership to make himself more powerful. 


In 2013, Xi Jinping visited the US to meet President Barrack Obama. The internet was full of viral pictures of two walking together, similar to the characters of Winnie the Pooh. The netizens called Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh. Consequently, China banned franchises and products related to Winnie the Pooh.

Xi Jinping Kim jong un secret meetings have always been in the limelight. Xi took the initiative to meet Kim and sent him an invitation accepted by the latter. The sessions were to strengthen the relationships between North Korea and China.

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Many people might not be aware of the fact that Xi Jinping is a litterateur. He has written many books. 

  • Document Number Nine, 2012
  • The Governance Of China, 2014
  • The Governance of China, Volume I, 2014
  • The Governance of China, Volume II, 2016
  • The Governance of China, Volume II, 2018

Awards ‘N’ Achievements

Xi Jinping wear a black suit and stands in front of soildier
Xi Jinping wears a black suit and stands in front of the soldier

In 2014, he was honored by the Cuban government with the “order of Jose Marti,’ the highest honor Cuba can confer. This award was given to him for his efforts to strengthen Cuban-Chinese ties and the socialist cause.

Xi Jinping House Arrest In Recent 

One week earlier, several posts came on social media saying that Xi was under house arrest and had been removed as the head of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). However, state media and CCP officials did not confirm the same.

On Twitter, several Chinese nationals also posted about Xi’s home arrest. Some claimed that Li Qiaoming had been made the president of China. They think PLA has taken control of the army. 

The Truth Behind Xi Jinping’s House Arrest

However, some say that he went to attain the recently concluded SCO submit that was in Uzbekistan’s Samarkand. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin also attend that summit.

After returning from Uzbekistan, Xi went home to quarantine under the country’s strict “Zero Covid Policy.” According to this policy, every person in China who returns to the country from abroad has to undergo quarantine.

Net Worth

Xi Jinping wears a black suit sits on the sofa and gives an interview
Xi Jinping wears a black suit sits on the sofa and gives an interview

Xi Jinping has a 1.2 billion USD net worth (approx. Rs. 8925 Crores). Xi Jinping is among the most potent leaders due to his position as China’s leader and top official.

He earns roughly $22300 annually as the president of China and a state servant. In China, his close family has real estate worth millions of dollars.


The Chinese political system is organized around Xi, who is in charge of the Chinese Communist Party, the military, and the state. Since his rise to power in 2012, Xi has strengthened the party’s hold on the state and society, marginalized political opponents, and suppressed dissent. In 2016, the party designated Xi as a “core” leader, placing him on par. Since then, Xi has surrounded himself with supporters who are unlikely to oppose him or his ideas.

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Xi Jinping – FAQ’s

How tall is Xi Jinping?

Politician Xi Jinping is 180 cm (5 feet, 10 inches) tall.

How long has xi Jinping been president?

On October 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping was chosen to serve a record third five-year term after being elected to the powerful Central Committee of the country’s ruling Communist Party.

Who is Xi Jinping?

On June 15, 1953, a Chinese politician named Xi Jinping was born. He has held the positions of the Central Military Commission’s (CMC) chairman and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) general secretary (CMC), making him the supreme leader of China.

Xi Jinping Winnie the pooh, why?

The Chinese president Xi Jinping has been referred to in Winnie the Pooh references and memes that claim the bear resembles the latter.

Where does Xi Jinping live?

In Jade Spring Hill, Xi Jinping, the president of China, resides. There still needs to be an established method in Zhongnanhai for allocating specific homes to leaders of a particular rank. When a senior leader dies, their spouse is usually allowed to stay in the house for as long as they want.

How long has xi Jinping been in power?

The 12th National People’s Congress in Beijing confirmed him in a vote; Xi was chosen as president on March 14, 2013. It’s been 8 years since the politician has been in power. The term of the premier is 5 years, renewable once.

When was xi Jinping elected?

The 12th National People’s Congress in Beijing confirmed Xi’s election as president on March 14, 2013. Two thousand nine hundred fifty-two people voted in favor of him, with one against and three abstentions.

How does china xi Jinping outside?

Since taking office on November 15, 2012, the Seventh President of the People’s Republic of China and the 18th to 20th General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, has undertaken 42 international travels to 69 countries.
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