Zoe Saldana Net Worth, Age, Height, Husband, Ethnicity, Kids

Zoe Saldana is an American actress and dancer. She is 44 years old and has a Net Worth of $43 million. She rose to fame with her high-profile roles in blockbuster movies. Saldana has had a lot of success so far, with a string of films that have been the highest-grossing in the world. She’s done well in every genre, from romantic comedies to tragedies, science fiction to action movies, fiction to drama, etc. She has been able to play such a wide range of characters because she is very focused and has a strong mind. 


Name Zoe Saldana
Full Name Zoe Yadira Saldana Nazario
Net Worth $43 million
Date of Birth 19 June 1978
Birth Place Passaic, New Jersey, United States
Occupation Film producer, Stage Actor, Ballet Dancer, Voice Actor, Film Actor
Nationality American
Ethnicity Dominican, Puerto Rican, Lebanese and Haitian Descent
Education Qualification High School
Husband Name Marco Perego Saldana
  • Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana (Son)
  • Zen Perego-Saldana (Son)
  • Cy Aridio Perego-Saldana (Son)
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Zoe Saldana Age and Height

Zoe Saldana wearing a black and purple dress while attending an avatar promotion faction
Zoe Saldana wearing a black and purple dress while attending an avatar promotion faction
Age 44
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 55 kg
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Body Measurement 33-25-32

On June 19, 1978, Zoe Saldana was born; she is currently 44 years old. She’s American by birth and Christian by faith.

She is 1.70 m tall, weighs 55 kg (120 lb), and has an average build body. She has gorgeous black hair that is long and shiny, and her eyes are blazing black and beautiful. Her measurements are roughly 33-25-32 inches.

Early Life, Education, and family

Zoe Saldana was born to a Puerto Rican mother and a Dominican father in Passaic, New Jersey, in 1978. She was reared in New York City’s Queens borough and is fluent in Spanish and English. When Saldana was nine years old, her father passed away, making her mother uproot the family and relocate to the Dominican Republic.

In high school, Saldana studied dance and theatre at Puerto Rico’s ECOS Espiritu Santo. She then continued her education at Brooklyn College in New York, where she participated in the FACES theatre program and went on to star in other plays.

Center Stage (2000), in which she portrayed a ballet dancer, was Saldana’s first significant cinematic role. She subsequently acted in movies and TV shows such as Crossroads and Pirates of the Caribbean, but her part in the 2009 megahit Avatar made her a household name worldwide.

Saldana has been married to Italian artist Marco Perego, with whom she shares three children. She has been quite vocal about the value of family in her life; seeing her children grow is her most significant source of happiness and motivation.

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Personal Life & Legacy

Saldana married Italian artist Marco Perego in 2013, and the couple has three children together. She has been honest about how hard it is to balance her career and family life, but she has also said that her children are her most significant source of joy and inspiration.

She has spoken about how much she cares about social and environmental causes. She has worked with groups that protect the environment, fights for women’s rights, and raises awareness about mental health, among other things.

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She has also significantly affected the entertainment industry and her work as an activist. She has spoken out for more diversity and representation in film and TV and has used her career to bring voices and stories that are often overlooked to the forefront.

Saldana leaves a legacy of talent, hard work, and a desire to use her platform for good. Her acting and advocacy work has inspired many people worldwide, and her influence on the entertainment industry and beyond is ever-lasting.


Zoe Saldana sitting on the tv show and wears a black dress
Zoe Saldana sitting on the tv show and wears a black dress

Zoe Saldana’s acting career began in the late 1990s when she played small parts on TV and in independent movies. In the 2000 movie Center Stage, she played a ballet dancer, which was her big break. She acted in more films and TV shows, such as Crossroads and Pirates of the Caribbean:

Saldana became popular worldwide, though, when she played Neytiri in the 2009 hit movie Avatar. The movie, directed by James Cameron, did well at the box office and with critics, and many people praised her performance as the strong and intelligent native of Pandora.

Since Avatar, Saldana has been in several high-profile movies, such as the Star Trek series, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Infinity War. She has also kept working on her personal projects, like the 2016 movie Nina, where she played Nina Simone, a jazz musician and civil rights activist.

She is not only an actress but also a producer who has produced some TV and movie projects. She has talked openly about how important diversity and representation are in the entertainment industry.

Zoe Saldana Husband

Zoe Saldana stands with her husband Marco Perego
Zoe Saldana stands with her husband Marco Perego

Zoe Saldana is married to Marco Perego, an artist and former professional soccer player from Italy. In June 2013, the couple married in a private ceremony in London. They have three kids together. Perego is an artist known for his paintings and sculptures worldwide.

Zoe and Marco were together for only a few months before marriage. They fell in love quickly and got married privately a few months later. They had a unique relationship. They were first caught together publicly when they were seen kissing at an after-party in May 2013. Finally, In September 2013, they confirmed to PEOPLE that they were married.

Saldana has three sons with the Italian artist: Zen Anton and  Cy Aridio-Bowie Ezio, the twins. All three of their sons have the same last name as their parents, Perego-Saldana.

Saldana had love at first sight with Perego. In 2013, they got to know each other while traveling to New York on the same flight. They were spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles together in April 2013. Photographers caught the couple going to the restaurant on their way to a date night.

Zoe Saldana Ethnicity

Saldana ethnicity is a mix of many different cultures, significantly impacting who she is and how she sees the world. A Puerto Rican mother and a Dominican father raised her. Saldana is also from Lebanon and Haiti. She said this about her racial identity: “There’s no one way to be black. I am black to the best of my ability.” 

Her maternal grandmother, born in the United States to Haitian parents and later married a Lebanese man, is also of Haitian and Lebanese descent. Her parents gave her a strong sense of pride in her mixed-ethnicity background, and she has publicly talked about embracing it.

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She has also talked about how hard it was to grow up in a primarily white community and how she had to work hard to overcome prejudices and stereotypes. Her success in Hollywood has helped actors and actresses of color get more attention.

Saldana’s mixed background has been a big part of who she is as a person and actress. Her background has given her a unique view of the world and helped her connect with people from all walks of life. She has succeeded in the white industry while staying true to her cultural roots.

Zoe Saldana Kids

Zoe Saldana click a picture with her family
Zoe Saldana click a picture with her family

Saldana and her artist husband, Marco Perego, have done everything they can to shield their kids from the public eye. She explained to PEOPLE that she and her husband, Marco, highly value their children’s privacy.

 “We have to decide for them to safeguard their anonymity.” Cameras might be intimidating to young children who don’t understand what’s happening around them.”

Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio, 8:  Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldaa were born in Los Angeles on November 27, 2014, and are twins. They were delivered early because of an emergency. Saldana didn’t tell anyone she was pregnant before they were born. After her children were born, the new mom discussed her health problems during her pregnancy.

Zen Anton Hilario, 6: Zen Anton Hilario Perego-Saldaa was born in December in Los Angeles, California.12, 2016. Like his older brothers, Zen came into the world quietly. His birth story is said to be strange, but his parents didn’t disclose it yet.

The couple is teaching their boys Italian, Spanish, and English. Perego is from Italy, and Saldaa is from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

She has been candid about how she raises her kids, which she says is a mix of traditional and modern values. 

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Zoe Saldana Avatar

Zoe Saldana is best known as Neytiri in the 2009 blockbuster film Avatar, directed by James Cameron. The film, a critical and commercial success, tells the story of a group of humans who travel to the planet Pandora in search of a rare mineral. 

Saldana’s performance in the film was widely praised for portraying Neytiri, a strong and intelligent character who guides and mentors the human protagonist. Her nuanced and emotional performance helped bring Neytiri’s character to life,

In addition to her performance, Saldana’s physical transformation for the role was also noteworthy. To portray Neytiri, Saldana underwent extensive training in dance, movement, and motion-capture technology to create the film’s groundbreaking visual effects.

Avatar’s success helped establish Saldana as a leading actress in Hollywood. Her role in Avatar is still one of her most well-known, and the movie itself is seen by many as a breakthrough in storytelling and visual effects.

Zoe Saldana Net Worth

Zoe Saldana stands in the lift and gives a pose
Zoe Saldana stands in the lift and gives a pose

The American actress Zoe Saldana Net Worth of $43 million. She was named the second-highest-earning actress of all time in 2019, right behind Scarlett Johansson.

This was mainly because she was in some of the most popular movies, like Avatar and Avengers: Endgame. In 2019, it was said that her films had made over $11 billion worldwide.


Zoe Saldana has a great sense of style when it comes to cars. She has very high-tech automobiles-

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Car Collection Price (USD) (approx)
Audi R8 $200,000
Audi A6 $54,000
Audi Q3 $42,000
Mercedes Benz G-Class $157,800


In June 2016, Zoe spent $8.7 million on a stunning Beverly Hills home. The house is in Hidden Valley Estates, an exclusive neighborhood with gates. Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Lawrence all live nearby.

She used to own a home in Studio City, California, which she sold for $1.35 million in 2017. She also holds a house in the Dominican Republic, according to reports.


Zoe Saldana has done many endorsement deals as an actress and public figure. Some of them are:

L’Oréal Paris: Zoe became the face of L’Oréal Paris in 2014. She promoted the company’s hair and makeup products.

Stuart Weitzman: She became the face of the fall/winter 2015 campaign for Stuart Weitzman.

Campari: The Italian spirits company Campari chose Saldana as its new spokesperson in 2016.

7 For All Mankind: She became the face of the spring/summer 2017 advertising campaign for 7 For All Mankind.

Bose: Zoe became a brand ambassador for Bose in 2018, promoting the company’s audio products.

Social Media

Zoe Saldana wearing a white dress and stand on the floor
Zoe Saldana wearing a white dress and stand on the floor

Zoe Saldana is active and has many followers on various social media platforms. She uses social media to connect with her fans, promote her work, and speak out for important causes.

Social Media  Account
Twitter  @zoesaldana
Instagram  Zoe Saldana
Facebook  Zoe Saldana

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Zoe Saldana is an American actor and producer born in Passaic, New Jersey. In 1999, she made her acting debut in an episode of the TV show “Law & Order.” Her part in the 2000 film “Center Stage” brought her broader notoriety. In addition to her acting career, Saldana is known for her advocacy work on subjects such as women’s rights and the environment.

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Zoe Saldana – FAQ’s

How tall is Zoe Saldana?

Zoe Saldana is a gorgeous woman with an enticing and captivating personality. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has a sultry, voluptuous body with beautiful proportions and a thin body type that is beautifully shaped.

Where is Zoe Saldana from?

She was raised in a household of the upper middle class in Passaic, New Jersey, United States. Born and raised in the United States of America, she is also a devout Christian. She spent most of her childhood in Jackson Heights, New York, until moving to the Dominican Republic after her father’s death.

What is Zoe Saldana’s ethnicity?

A Puerto Rican mother and a Dominican father raised Saldana. She has Lebanese and Haitian ancestry as well. On her racial identity, Saldana noted, “There is no single definition of what it means to be black.”

How much is Zoe Saldana worth?

Zoe Saldana’s net worth is around $43 million as of April 2023. She is a New Jersey-born American actress. In 1999, Saldana made her film debut in an episode of “Law & Order.” She has recently been in several critically acclaimed films, including “Avatar” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

Who is Zoe Saldana?

Zo Yadira Saldaa-Perego is a model and actress from the United States. She is most known for her work in science fiction film franchises and is the only performer to have appeared in all three of the highest-grossing movies ever.

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